Video: Streets Talk DVD Presents The Nino Brown Story

Happy Friday to our and FuseBox Radio Broadcast Family! :)

I just wanted to share this preview of the next upcoming entry of the dope Streets Talk DVD series, "The Nino Brown Story" (dropping officially on September 23, 2008).

The Nino Brown Story will be covering a personal and uncensored glimpse (not the either the glitz and glamour and/or fake a** thuggery some of these sort of DVDs tend to show all of the time - the real deal) into the Hip-Hop MC who seems to be everywhere on the scene now - Lil' Wayne of Cash Money Records.

The DVD covers an extended time frame with exclusive coverage of travels, video shoots and concerts all over the U.S. (hitting up cities like Philadelphia, Newark, L.A. and New Orleans, just to name a few), appearances from folks like Kanye West, Juelz Santana, Baby and Jay-Z as well as including never before talked about information about his recent NYC arrest.

There is a cool connection with the sound effects and editing made by the Streets Talk DVD folks series to tie in elements of the movie New Jack City - with “The Carter” building (where actor Wesley Snipes’ character Nino Brown did his hustling) and the “Cash Money Brothers” (Nino Brown’s crew) with Lil Wayne well-known alias and alliances.

I've known the executive producer of the Streets Talk DVD series, DJ Scoob Doo, for a minute now - from crossing paths during his radio days in New Jersey and checking on his rapid expansion of putting out hot product with the mixtapes and with this DVD series with Big Picture Productions.

Folks who read this site know that is not out to promote trash or garbage that we would not spend our own money on (cash is T-I-G-H-T)or have checked out - check out the movie preview below, see if you can find any of the other Streets Talk DVD joints out there and if you dig it, definitely support!

Streets Talk DVD Presents: The Nino Brown Story Preview Video

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