New Music: African Swim

Hey there and FuseBox Radio Broadcast family! :)

We wanted to share this dope African Hip-Hop compilation with folks that we downloaded this weekend that was put together from the folks over at the cable channel Cartoon Network (from their Adult Swim part of the business) & Williams Street Records called African Swim.

There are some very serious beats and flows here in over 5 languages showing a lot of the different African cultures in Hip-Hop form...hope you all enjoy this interesting collection of Black Music as much as I did!

African Swim Download Link
African Swim Song Previews & Artist Videos


1. Jozi - Living In Africa
2. Prokid - When We Rock
3. The L.E.S. - We On Fire
4. Gumshev - Es'kabani
5. Drencko - No More
6. Mthinte - Skomplazhi
7. Rusty Dusty - The Place Where I'm From
8. Zola - Zhingu 7
9. Etc. - Organic Boom Bap
10. Maggz - Dangerous
11. Cook - Bring It On
12. B Zee - Swagga All Day
13. Gumshev - Matha
14. Mapaputshi - Kufa
15. Jozi - Muthaland