Video: "Cash Rules"

Hey there and FuseBox Radio Broadcast family,

Just sharing this trailer from the upcoming DVD movie release of Cash Rules, dropping November 11, 2008 on Blackface Films/Babygrande.

The independent movie's plot is to cover a slice of life from the streets of Newark, NJ, that tells the story of hustlers, friends, family and the endless pursuit for the be-all end-all that rules life (and sometimes ends it) in so many hoods across the country: Cash.

This "negative film with a positive message" (to quote the press release), has a starring cast that includes Treach of Naughty By Nature (representing East Orange, NJ and classic Hip-Hop culture), J.D. Williams from the hit HBO series The Wire and many more folks.

Directed acclaimed music video director by Zodiac Fishgrease (who's done videos for folks such as Trick Daddy, Queen Latifah, Onyx and more), this movie looks like it will be pretty decent on the production end and storyline after checking out the preview.

Am definitely hoping for the best when this drops...what do y'all think?

Cash Rules Movie Trailer:

Cash Rules Official Website


Anonymous said...

this film looks hot .heard the bugdet was small but the producers made this film a nj classic soon to be everythanggreen.shout out to young.antonio.keep doing your thing fuck all the hater trying to hold up your project you made this shit pop .