DJ Fusion's Stop Beefin' Start Eatin' Radio Mix - Week of October 15, 2008

What's good and FuseBox Radio Broadcast Supporters!

Hope that the weekend is starting off quality for folks!

Starting this month, we will be having weekly 1 hour Black Music mixes from yours truly being podcasted via our peoples at Stop Beefin' & Start Eatin' Radio (check out all of the cool free mixes and music singles up on there when you get the chance).

This series of mixes for the Stop Beefin' & Start Eatin' Radio crewwill be dipping into all sorts of concentrated Black Music area specturms that folks usually are not able to get into as often with the weekly FuseBox Radio Broadcast as often as I personally would like in the future(Soul, Rock Jazz, House, Old School, Reggae, Electronica, etc.).

This week's mix is on a bit of mellow vibe with the music being Soul, Hip-Hop and Funk concentrated.

Check out the first show that has been done below - hope you enjoy it! Like the radio show, these mixes are clean/radio friendly to blast off at the 9 to 5, in front of the parents and children, etc.

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DJ Fusion's Stop Beefin' Start Eatin' Radio (October 15, 2008) Tracklisting:

1. Erykah Badu/Real Thang (Dats Just Swift & Kev Brown RMX)/White Label
2. 88 Keys feat. Kanye West/Stay Up/Decon
3. GZA feat. Masta Killa & RZA/Pencil/Babygrande
4. Lucy Pearl/Dance Tonight/Beyond
5. Miguel Migs feat. Junior Reid/Fire (Cottonbelly RMX)/White Label
6. Bumpy Knuckles/So Tough (Video Mix)/Flavor Unit
7. Ice-T/New Jack Hustler/WB
8. Sauce Money/I Ain't No Joke '08/White Label
9. Big Daddy Kane/Lean On Me/A&M
10. CL Smooth/Part of Greatness/White Label
11. A Tribe Called Quest/Youthful Expression/Jive
12. Agallah/Behind the Bush 2008 (A Tribute to the Jungle Brothers & DJ Red Alert/White Label (
13. Cappadonna/Slang Editorial/Razor Sharp & Epic
14. Nas feat. Busta Rhymes/Fried Chicken/The Jones Experience & Def Jam
15. Jill Scott/Rightness/Hidden Beach