If You Have Not Already U.S. Folks, Register To Vote NOW!

In a great deal of states, today is the deadline to register to vote for this year's Presidential Election in the U.S.A.

Now, this has been said time and time again, but for real, if you're of legal age and don't have too serious of a criminal record (and even then, in some states, felons can register to vote)...


In 2008, there is no damned excuse what so ever to at least not take the steps in letting your voice be heard to and for any of the political parties.

If you feel the past 8 years have been a mess and want to try to legislate change as well as continue doing the grassrots work (since whoever gets in office needs to know they still need to listen to the people), this is the way.

You can register right here via the folks at non-partisan Rock The Vote by clicking on the logo below and filling out the form (will not take you away from the BlackRadioIsBack.com website):

Register to Vote: Rock the Vote, powered by Credo Mobile

Folks can also do a search on the Internet for plenty of other great sites you can register to vote on as well.

As always, the BlackRadioIsBack.com and FuseBox Radio Broadcast family always advocates making an educated vote AND making sure it counts (otherwise we will end up with mess like the past 2 U.S. Presidential Elections and other election fraud from state to local arenas).

All the Best!

In the meantime, check this PSA I got from DeclareYourSelf.com (where you can get deadlines and register to vote online), which probably shows a lot of what some people (or "The Man") think if Black People voting: