Interesting Links - Turkey, Gravy & Homemade Biscuits Thankgiving Week Edition

1990s Hip-Hop Flashback: John Forte - "Ninety Nine (Flash The Message)"- see why we chose this track below

Report Finds That Children Directly Affected by Hurricane Katrina Are Now Suffering From VERY Poor Heatlh (SMH) - Newsweek

What About Workers With All of These U.S. Financial Bailouts? - The Nation

The Sorry State of American Health - TIME Magazine

Obama and the Politics of Race and Religion in America - CounterPunch

Don't Get It Twisted: Despite Obama’s Election, Stubborn Racial Disparities Persist - Black America Web

Somali Piracy Connected To Toxic Dumping, Illegal Fishing & Other Interconnected Issues According to UN - The Final Call

Somalia: The Specter of Detrimental Trusteeship - Black Agenda Report

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Suffer Political Losses In Past Election - NY Times

Arrests Made After Afghan Acid Attack On Female Students - BBC News

Teen Murder at Rikers Jail: Did Prison Guards Turn A Blind Eye? - Village Voice

White Guy’s Burden: The Racialicious Review of 24: Redemption - Racialicious

That's Mighty Random News #1: Hip-Hop MC John Forte Gets One Of 13 Presidential Pardons From Outgoing U.S. President George W. Bush - Washington Post

That's Mighty Random News #2: Rap Music Persists in Iran Despite Being Punishable By Law - Yahoo! News via Good Morning Yahoo (Video)

Hard Times For All Eh? Hos and Hookers Can't Get The Same $$ As They Used To - Oh Hell Nawl

WTF? Why Some Folks Don't The The Law Seriously News: Student Arrested For 'Passing Gas' at Florida School - MSNBC

Wu-Tang Clan's GZA Talks About The Making Of The Classic Liquid Swords Album - Wax Poetics

Album Preview: TLC's Left Eye's Eye-Legacy -

A Word With DMX About The Music Industry And Things - Rhymes With Snitch

Hip-Hop MC Remy Ma Trying To Get Out Of Jail Before Christmas On That Assault Charge On An 8 Year Prison Sentence....Um, Yeah, Good Luck With That - Crunk + Disorderly

Football Player Michael Vick May Get A Pass Out Of Jail For Animal Abuse - Bossip

China Is Not Feeling Guns-N-Roses Chinese Democracy - D-Listed

Amy Winehouse Is Single - I Don't Like You In That Way