New Music: EPMD

What's good everyone,

The and FuseBox Radio Broadcast family just wanted to share the sampler from the classic Long Island, NY Hip-Hop group, EPMD from their upcoming album, We Mean Business .

This album will be dropping independently through their own Def Squad/Hit Squad label (via Unique Distribution) on December 9, 2008.

From my personal opinion, We Mean Business (EPMD's 7th album in their career and the first studio album they're done in over 10 years) sounds like it's going to be a pretty hot piece of work.

After seeing the reunited MC and producer duo of Erick Sermon and PMD perform live doing both old school and a few samples from We Mean Business from in New York City a few months back at the Black August Concert, the brothers of EPMD look like they are definitely serious about making quality Hip-Hop music happen for the masses to cop.

Give EPMD's 8 minute We Mean Business mixed album sampler a listen and cop the download of it by clicking here.

EPMD Official MySpace Page
Erick Sermon Official MySpace Page
PMD Official MySpace Page

Bonus Music Video #1: EPMD feat. K-Solo & Redman - The Head Banger (classic early 1990s NYC Hip-Hop, from the Business Never Personalalbum)

Bonus Music Video #2: EPMD - The Big Payback (classic late 1980s NYC Hip-Hop, from the Unfinished Business album)

Bonus Music Video #3: EPMD - Crossover (classic early 1990s NYC Hip-Hop, one of EPMD's biggest crossover hits - ironically by the title; can listen to this and other quality EPMD joints from their last album that dropped in the late 1990s, Out of Business)