Election Day Is Here in the U.S. - Nov. 4, 2008 - VOTE! (and express yourself in our open thread)

DJ Fusion's Vote Is In for the 2008 Presidential Election...Get Yours In As Well Today!

It took an hour and a half in my home state from the opening at the polls (7 am - 8:30 am), but the BlackRadioIsBack.com and syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast family went out to vote today...

The turnout was incredible (long line, patient folks, took forever to find a place to park) and if such a thing continues as a trend here in the U.S. on the political end in regards to passion about what's going down in this country, who knows where things can go positively in the future - only time will tell.

PLEASE take out your time to exercise your right to place your educated vote in this U.S. Presidential Election if you are eligible and registered (as well as playing a role in your local political races as well) and in the future.

We will be posting up articles, opinions and such here on BlackRadioIsBack.com with this Election Day open thread periodically throughout the day and invite you all to express your feelings as well in regards to what's going down here in the States - what does this election mean to you, the incoming polls, the aftermath, etc.

Go down past the pictures to check the live BlackRadioIsBack.com blog...

In the meantime, here are some pics from when folks got to the polls around the way for y'all to check out:

Folks In Line When Getting In...

More folks in line with the youth...

Nice patient crowd...folks pretty amped to be here...

Part of the line at opening of the polls at 7 am EST

Young Folks Prepared to Wait It Out...

Smart Business Folks selling Soul Food right at the polling area for the hungry voters (and had MAD folks there ready to get their eat on after voting)

Smart Business Folks show making money off a good thing runs in the family...

BlackRadioIsBack.com Live Blog Begins:

6:30 pm - listens to Monique's syndicated show, Monique in the Afternoon, and hears her and Roland Martin talking that real talk to people who are saying they are too busy to vote and whatnot (on some family like "a hard head makes a soft ass" talk)

7:00 pm - go out to store to get Mom cold meds, honey for tea and OJ (have fam in the crib today). Next to NO ONE is in the shopping centers but the folks who work there, so can only assume folks are putting in the last few votes in at the polls or at home waiting to watch the results.

7:25 pm - VERY early projections are coming on on CNN, MSNBC, etc. - less then 1% of the vote in most states...not taking it too serious as of yet. Lots of babbling from various reporters about the historical nature of things. Mom is talking to relatives on the phones...

7:36 pm - am I the only one that feels that CNN is setting Senator Obama up for a loss, talking about the polls may or may not be reality?

7:50 pm - puts on BBC Radio's World Service while downloading extra songs for this week's episode of the FuseBox Radio Broadcast. Folks from Belgium to Kenya to the U.K. are calling in about the impact of the U.S. Presidential Election over here. One listener saying that we better be sure what we want and what we get is kind of bugged out and true. Also talk about the Electoral College's history being pretty messed up (lack of trust in the regular masses being able to vote for a politician by popular vote). Seems pretty pro-Obama around that way with the feedback. Florida's Latino population's vote is being talked about, especially the possible changes in the Cuban Community...

8:00 pm - got a mess of new Obama-related Hip-Hop songs in the e-mail the past few days, let me give a few of them to ya:

Nas - Election Night (right click and "save as")
J. Period feat. Q-Tip - Q-Tip for President
Q-Tip feat. Barack Obama - Shaka RMX
MIMS feat. Jr. Reid & Barack Obama - BaRock Star RMX
Trick Daddy feat. Obama - Change
Slumlord - Mr. Black President

8:10 pm - talking to one of my peoples on the phone from NJ, they're saying the projections are getting on their nerves already while watching New York's ABC 7 News Coverage there; CNN projections so far show 77 Electoral Votes to 34 Electoral Votes, Obama's advantage

8:30 pm - The Huffington Post has some dope live blogs, check out the lot of them here; Sen. Obama projected to get PA according to MSNBC; "People's Choice" article in The Nation showing that Electoral Fraud is not as large at Virginia, Florida and Ohio; New Hampshire showing so far projected by CNN for Sen. Obama

8:35 pm - Feel free to hit your folks up here at BlackRadioIsBack.com on the instant messenger on AIM at djfusion9, Yahoo IM at djfusion5 or gMail IM at fuseboxraido to talk about the election, shall be up pretty much all night. We're also on Twitter at @fuseboxradio live and direct!

8:45 pm - One of my boy's IMed me about "Michelle Obama is looking real hot right now!" about her on the TV; mad folks on CNN in NYC Times Square waiting for the election results; WTF at that fake a** "Joe The Plumber" still making news for getting a speeding ticket

8:50 pm - goes to Fox News' website for s***s and giggles; 81 to 39 in Electoral Vote projection for Sen. Obama's advantage, so while being mad stiff with the projections, they are sort of being on the same plane, we'll see; WTF at Alaska's Voting results might not be counted for 10 Days article on the site

9:00 pm - NPR (National Public Radio) has wonderful Election Day coverage on the air and their website, so far they are saying 103 to 34 in Electoral Votes in favor of Sen. Obama; Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole lost in North Carolina according to the Associated Press! Dumb Broad should not have called her opponet God-less and shows The Higher Power doesn't like ugly at all; James Carville of CNN saying McCain pretty much has no chance to win so far

9:10 pm - LOL at Fox News on cable pretty much ignoring the presidential election results so far and looking at local elections mad stiff-faced

9:15 pm - BBC News' website so far projecting 175 to 76 Electoral Votes in favor of Senator Obama; * dies and cries * at CNN Correspondent saying it will be "Peace Out Boy Scout" if McCain doesn't get Virginia; Georgia projected by ABC and CNN for Senator McCain

9:16 pm - Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash is a pretty good drink - was a good look getting this mess on sale; anyway, AP Exit Poll Says Obama Handily Wins women, blacks, Hispanics Votes

9:20 pm - switches to live NPR Election Coverage feed on the internet for news information; talk about a great deal of Senate seats being lost by the Republican Party so far very early tonight

9:27 pm - Green Party has a live video feed here for my folks to check out the 3rd party; NPR on the air is projecting Ohio for Senator Obama!; BBC News shows 195 to 76 Electoral Votes in favor of Senator Obama; talking to Jon Judah on the phone about the election results so far

9:35 pm - Virginia and Florida so far being said too close to call by most news channels, we shall see how it goes; CNN is being cautious as hell calling any states on TV for whatever reason...

9:40 pm - Interesting CNN Article: Race Played A Role in the Election, Advantage Obama; Check out Black News Site The Loop for Their Live Blog; also check out UGK's Bun B Election Day Blog on AllHipHop.com for one of many Hip-Hop perspective; WOW at the Chicago Crowd on TV and the excitement running through there!

9:41 pm - The Twitter feed is off the charts and my IM account is flooded with all sorts of messages for BlackRadioIsBack.com - thanks for the love!

9:42 pm - CNN TV says not since Abraham Lincoln that a Republican has one the White House and the Presidency without Ohio...interesting historical factoid

9:43 pm - The magic map on CNN is bugging my eyes...it's like a Google Map and Windows Vista had a child

9:45 pm - goes back to NPR live election coverage on the web; they are talking about the negativity of the polls for the Republican Party; New Hampshire got their first woman Senator, that's what's up; 200 to 80 Electoral Votes advantage for Senator Obama by NPR

9:50 pm - BLEH at Senator McCain getting Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina :(

9:55 pm - BBC Radio's World Service & NPR have some ol' sedate and calm sounding reporters; Senator McCain besides North Carolina (too close to call) seems like he got the U.S. Bible Belt on lock for his Electoral Votes

10:00 pm - 200 to 130 Electoral Votes advantage for Senator Obama by the BBC; Iowa for Senator Obama according to CNN, 206 to 89 Electoral Votes according to CNN at the present advantage Senator Obama; trying hard not to get amped yet, but it's VERY hard

10:10 pm - Twitter shut down for the 1st time on me tonight; jittery as all get out off of Pepsi; Comedy Central's InDecision 2008 on the web and TV is dope with The Daily Show and Colbert Report double teaming things with their coverage; 207 to 103 Electoral Votes with the advantage to Senator Obama by the BBC; WOW at CNN talking about Obama did a good job not scaring America with his run (meaning white America); got an IM saying that McCain's headquarters to them has a "cracker" vibe to it and is hostile looking on their TV coverage

10:20 pm - Comedian David Alan Grier has his live blog for his TV show Chocolate News here, is pretty gassed about how the Election Results are showing up so far; the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virgina) might bring it in for Senator Obama like the NYC/NJ area; President Bush getting a lot of the blame for his wack run as president for Senator McCain's loss of Electoral Votes so far by CNN

10:30 pm - Fox News' reporters are being dry as hell and looking like they need Paxil to calm the slow burning anger down and only covering local political races STILL tonight; turned to C-Span on the TV and watched the folks at Senator McCain's headquaters in Arizona looking bored and unhappy at their party; getting to stretch out neck after being on office phone for 3 hours straight so far talking to various folks about the election in one way or the other

10:42 pm - Republican Party called "monochromatic" by CNN on TV; watching C-Span, it's looking and sounding like the folks at the McCain party in Arizona are kind of throwing in the towel and whatnot, which is a bit weird and game-y to me; folks on CNN talking about kicking Senator Joe Lieberman out of the Democratic Caucus after the election; 207 to 138 according to the BBC with the advantage to Senator Obama

10:45 pm - NPR shows the DMV is repping on the real for Senator Obama! Virginia projected for the Senator Obama by NPR...am proud of my born and home area right now! :)

10:50 pm - eating piece of leftover rum cake to much on while typing like an small octopus on IM, Blogger and Twitter; Will.I.Am is on CNN now...OK; Mama Fusion is getting amped a bit around here as well as the family

10:52 pm - What sort of bootleg Star Trek "Beam Me Up Scotty" B.S. deluxe is on CNN bringing people in for interviews?!?

10:55 pm: 220 to 114 Electoral Votes with the advantage Senator Obama according to Yahoo! News Electoral News Coverage

11:00 pm - What is really good with the piano interludes on NPR? It's like they're trying to calm you to sleep with some hot tea.

11:01 pm - NPR is projecting a win for Senator Obama to become President Obama!!! Oh My GOD!!! * tries to hold fast to hear other news media projections *

11:05 pm - President Obama...it is official! :) :) :) :) My Mama is crying right now and the coverage in Chicago is unbelievable!

11:19 pm - Senator McCain is giving his concession speech, Spelman College looks like they're having a straight party and Twitter is blowing the f*** up with happiness. It's a good day for Black America in so many ways! :)

11:30 pm - Wow at how sour the folks are at Senator McCain's concession speech - so much for a united America. They need to get a grip and learn how to pronounce the new president's name. Wow at Jesse Jackson' crying on TV and Roland Martin on CNN.

11:35 pm - The man on Fox News in Chicago is looking so damned sad right now, I almost feel sorry for them...NOT! Mama Fusion is on phone with relatives talking about how off the chain this is...still answering crazy text and IM messages along with Twitter...history is in the making family! Waiting for Barack Obama's acceptance speech...

11:47 pm - Still waiting for President Barack Obama's speech at midnight before heading out to the local club in MD or drive out to DC to see how folks are reacting around the way (and might slam back a drink or 4). The win by President Obama is a 1980s Ronald Regan-esque election merking (so far 338 to 155 Electoral Votes to the favor of the new pres.), so there can be NO questions of what went down...

11:55 pm - juggling the phone and all forms of internet right now; am I wrong for not being able to WAIT for The View tomorrow to see Elisabeth Hassleback get destroyed by Joy Behar and Whoppi Goldberg? ; the church celebrating on CNN in the ATL and the interview is so beautiful; Obama is NOT playing, will start getting ready for the transition tomorrow - guess the drapes were being measured for the White House

12:25 am - finished watching President Obama's (yes, I'm going to keep typing that even though he is the U.S. President Elect, folks need to deal) acceptance speech, talked to Mama Fusion for a min., now searching for a swig of something to mix in my soda as a celebration drink

12:50 am - too much talk on CNN now that's making me a bit sleepy; got this awesome pic of the new First Family of the United States from the folks at The Electronic Village:

1:00 am - I really have to thank everyone who was a part of the experience of covering things in this first live blog ever done on BlackRadioIsBack.com (and a little after a year of our existance) via IM, Twitter, text message, e-mail and on the phone. It is really appreciated to hae all of y'all be down for this new way of documenting history in the making.

While I am still a bit amped, a sista also getting sleepy (and so far, am trying to be good and hit the 9 to 5 tomorrow), needs to get the FuseBox Radio Broadcast for this week ready to go and will have to write the overall opinion up here of the impact of the win of Senator and soon to be President Barack Obama on America as a whole, it's impact particularly Black America and what this could mean for the World At Large sometime tomorrow (and it's more then just political) as well as our responsibility of what to do next to make things to in a positive direction that we want it to go.

Peace to all and Good Night!
DJ Fusion
FuseBox Radio/BlackRadioIsBack.com


nonotthejacket said...


I voted before work this morning (something I NEVER do), and I was able to walk right up to the desk. Another district had a line, but it was only about 10-12 deep, and still contained in the building. Our city changed the polling places around a couple of years ago, and its definitely helped, but that was in-between POTUS elections so I wasn't sure how it was going to work today. When we used to vote at the high school it was BANANAS no matter what time you got there.

Yes we can!!

Anonymous said...

i can't help thinking it's awesome that there has been such long lines all over... people taking a greater interest in public issues is always a good thing

Anonymous said...

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