U.S. Election Day is Tomorrow: Nov. 4, 2008! It Is Now Time To Use Your Educated Vote to Make A Difference!

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A Picture of Your Folk, DJ Fusion of the FuseBox Radio & BlackRadioIsBack.com Taken Yesterday: Guess Who We're Betting On For The Win...(mostly, see below)

Good Morning this Election Day Eve to our BlackRadioIsBack.com and FuseBox Radio Broadcast family!

After almost two full years of dealing with the U.S. Presidential Election's:

* Commericals (mostly inane, with bits of incredible trash here and there)

* Town Halls & Debates

* Campaign Stops

* Political Pundits Of All Parties on TV and Radio yelling at each other to the point of making a droning White Noise in my brain

* Thousands of articles on the internet to read from news websites and fellow bloggers of all stripes as well as YouTube Rants

* Thousands of songs of all music genres from all over the world about the good, bad and ugly of the election (but especially the Hip-Hop and Soul Music arenas)

* Fundraisers for every Political Party and Ideology imaginable, in every way imaginable (I don't know about y'all but this is the first time in my life of about 30 years I've recieved invites to Debate Parties)

* Election-related mixtapes about/relating to/using the brand Sen. Barack Obama and/or "change" (have personally listened to at least 200)

* And more...

We are now less then 24 hours away from Election Day here in the United States.

All of the reading, talking, marching, debating and so forth in the world is not going to mean anything if the Right to Vote is not exercised by the people - regardless of Political Affiliation, Race, Class or other Social Structure.

With the history of the United States, everyone except Rich White Landowners (look it up) had to fight for a legal right for representation in their government.

To give the short shift to that battle made by thousands of people throughout the years is not just being disrespectful of the country, but to your ancestors and the past.

In the past two weeks, I have read and seen stories of 90 to 100+ year olds waiting in line to vote (in states with Early Registration) or filling out absentee ballots, so I'll be damned if those in good health can't wait for a while in line for what may be a while to take a role in something that is this important.

With the last eight years of what I'm sure is going to be in the Top 5 of the most incompetent presidencies in the history of the United States, voting should not be any issue in regards to at least taking a step in regards to your own future.

As we've stated numerous times throughout the past few months on the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast and BlackRadioIsBack.com, the family here advocates for an educated vote regardless of what political party you are leaning towards and to not get caught up in the hype and personalities.

NOTE: We do acknowledge that it's been extremely HARD this year to not get caught in the hype or personality issues, especially with the increasingly negative bugged out schizo campaign of Republican Party with Senator John "GetOffMyLawn.com" McCain and Gov. Sarah "Ms. Betcha By Golly Dontcha Know" Palin. But try anyway...

PLEASE educate yourself in regards who you're marking your ballot for, what that politican's platforms is (which can be found on any political party's website for their respective candidates) and so forth, so folks can walk out of the voting booth being content with themselves and truly voicing the directon of where you want the U.S. (and with that, the world) to go to.

Whatever the results are, let's remember that the vote is just one of many important aspects of making fundamental changes what some feel is a corrupt system for the better.

Do not give up being politically involved in anything if things do not go the way that might be the most pleasing to folks (and understandably, it can be hard) or if it doesn't seem popular at another time in history.

NOTE: We're personally rooting for due to both policy stances as well overall moral rightness in this country for the best odds for the win in this U.S. Presidential Election to be for Senator Barack Obama of the Democratic Party and for one of the 3rd Political Parties to at least get 5% of the overall vote to get matching federal funds in upcoming major elections to get a viable alternative to the regular two party system in this country - the Green Party with the Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente ticket is the best look for that.

All people - especially Black People and People of Color in the Americas in the Americas - will still have to protest and work in all possible ways both within the mainstream system and outside the system to make any sorts of positive change occur.

The history of people in general all over the world shows that one always had to utilize both ways of protest to make solid fundamental change in their societies.

In the 21st century, being quiet and sitting down does nothing but make it easier for folks to kick you in the head and take away things worked and fought hard for.

For all of the struggles and fighting from the post-Reconstruction Era to the Civil Rights Era to the Present of Black People and their supporters of all racial and economic backgrounds, please let us not slide backwards into weak minded mentalities because some folks seem like they can gey a little bit of extra money or things than back in the day doing the equivalent of bootlicking or some other nonsense.

To close this write up, I'm going to link to an article by independent journalist Greg Palast that is probably one of the most succinct and personal statements I've read through the past 2 years about the meaning of your vote and this election which also coincides nicely to the BlackRadioIsBack.com and FuseBox Radio Broadcast family's opinion of the overall importance of this vote here.



Mary Nichols a.k.a. DJ Fusion
FuseBox Radio Broadcast/BlackRadioIsBack.com

Some BlackRadioIsBack.com Endorsed Voter Releated Resources:

Hit up Vote411.org for finding your polling location, all the candidates and ballot measure initiatives ANYWHERE in the United States, etc.

For ANY Election Day Problems/Fraud/Issues in getting your right to vote exercised, please call the following phone numbers for assistance:

1-866-MYVOTE1 (1-866-698-6831)
1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683)
1-877-GO-CNN-08 (1-877-462-6608)
1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (en Español)

Get the free download and check out director's Michael Moore's documentary, Slacker Uprising, here. Check out the description from the official website:

"Slacker Uprising" takes place in the wake of "Fahrenheit 9/11," during the run-up to the 2004 election, as I traveled for 42 days across America, visiting 62 cities in a failed attempt to remove George W. Bush from office. My goal was to help turn out a record number of young voters and others who had never voted before. (That part was a success. Young adults voted in greater numbers than in any election since 18-year-olds were given the right to vote. And the youth vote was the only age group that John Kerry won.)

What I encountered during the tour and the filming was both inspiring and frightening, so I thought, hey, this might make for a funny and enlightening movie! Each night, thousands would show up to volunteer in the Slacker Army against Bush. This drove local Republicans nuts. In one state they tried to have me arrested. At two colleges, rich donors offered to donate more money to the college if they would ban me from campus. Nearly a half-dozen universities kept the Slacker Uprising tour off their campuses. But there was no stopping this movement. By the time we got to Florida, 16,000 people a night were showing up.

It was clear that young people were the ones who were going to save the day -- just as they are in this year's election.

BlackRadioIsBack.com Video: Journalist Greg Palast on BET's "The Truth" with Jeff Johnson