Comedy: B.o.B. Takes On Black Music and Auto Tune

"Robot Voice, Robot Voice, All The Kids Like The Robot Voice"

Shouts to my folks over at TJsDJs, TJ Chapman for dropping this on the and FuseBox Radio Broadcast fam earlier today...

Atlanta Hip-Hop Artist/Producer/Overall Talented Guy B.o.B. makes fun with this video of the entire "Robot Voice" trend and usage of the Auto Tune software that makes everyone and their mom think they can sing and make a hit.

* side eyes 99% of Pop Music lately *

Give the video a look and hopefully, y'all will get a good laugh out of it like we did over here. :)

* dies at the chorus of this joint *

"Well I was in the studio/
But i couldn't hit the notes/
I could've got a vocal coach/
But i ain't want no vocal coach/
Then someone showed me this plug-in/
So you can't hear the notes i miss/
So i don't need no vocalist/
And now i got an instant hit"

B.o.B. - Auto Tune

B.o.B. - Auto Tune mp3 Download