DVD Giveaway: House Arrest, Take A Leap Of Faith & Johnson's Family Christmas Dinner

What's up & FuseBox Radio Broadcast Folks, hope that your week is wrapping up well!

We have some more DVDs to giveaway here for the hard economic times and the Holiday Season (also including the American Drug War DVDs).

All you have to do to enter this DVD contest is to send an e-mail out to with the subject header "Holiday DVD Contest" by December 24, 2008.

The ten winners will be randomly selected by the and FuseBox Radio Broadcast staff.

Good Luck to everyone who enters in and a big grateful shoutout to the folks over at Lightyear Entertainment for providing the DVDs for this giveaway!

Here's the description of the House Arrest DVD:

DJ Johnson is a certified slacker at the crossroads of his life and he’s found himself in a wacky situation that’s a tough one to crack. A judge has sentenced him to 48 hours of house arrest for stealing jewelry to impress sexy Kiki - the girl of his dreams.

When word gets out in the “hood” that DJ has put himself in jeopardy with the law in an attempt to woo her, Kiki decides now is the time to give him a shot at love. DJ needs the help of his motley homeboys to pull the whole thing off while not provoking the police who are watching him like a hawk.

House Arrest is a hip-hop comedy with a cast full of quirky characters that keeps you laughing to the end!

Here's the description of the Take A Leap Of Faith DVD:

Take A Leap of Faith is the story of a woman named Rose Montgomery. Rose is a spiritual, independent, and sophisticated woman. So why is it so hard for her to find her way in love?

Could it be that her faith in God needs more attention, or maybe it’s that she has just too many men to choose from? Turns out she is simply waiting for the one that knows her best, then she’ll commit with her whole heart and soul. As time on the clock goes by in her life, we explore Rose’s relationships with the men she meets. Mitch: the rich guy, Moet: the romantic, and Winston…

She and Winston, her best friend since college, are business partners and as it turns out, much more than she ever expected.

Rose didn’t think she was going to fall in love with Winston, but after trying to find “Mr. Right" out there, she winds up finding him exactly where he’s always been, right there beside her.

Here's the description of the Johnson's Family Christmas Dinner DVD:

The Johnson Family is back! Christmas is upon us and as the family comes together many spirits will be lifted and lives renewed. Family conflicts erupt again and major drama ensues.

This time around Mom and Dad are experiencing the baby-boomers crunch, Dad isn t sure he will have enough money for retirement and Mom wants to help. Alex and her husband Sam have opened their new restaurant and business is great. Lisa is caught in the middle of an emotional triangle between a man who isn t right for her and her family.

Robert Jr., now divorced, is moving back home and his ex-wife is moving in with the baby. Money Mike, who is always in a mess, is now pursuing a career in rap music with thugs from the neighborhood!

When they all come together this Christmas their lives will move forward in very new directions Johnson Family Christmas Dinner will make you laugh and cry. It will warm your soul just like any dinner, for any occasion.