Interview: Lady MC Kaneri Diamond (Slip-N-Slide Records)

What's up and FuseBox Radio Broadcast Peoples,

We have an interview here with one of the real deal up and coming female Hip-Hop MCs in the game who will hopefully stop this draught of no ladies on the mic (or REALLY wack ones) who can make good music in 2009.

The family here just doesn't co-sign anything and everyone, much less give the airwaves over to underserving audio trash, so definitely give folks a good look and a change to capture your ears.

Check out some of on point insights in our interview with Slip-N-Slide Records own Kaneri Diamond (aka Mz. Superflylistic aka Miss Moe Money aka The Top Model of Hip-Hop) as well as some her music to download and checkout with some other goodies:

DJ Fusion ( Radio Broadcast): Peace Sis, thanks for taking out your time to speak with us here at and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast.
Can you tell us first and foremost what and who inspired you to be involved with the entertainment inudustry and to be an MC?

Kaneri Diamond: First I wanted to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to have my voice heard. I fell in love with Hip-Hop, music excites and inspires me to do great things.

For that very reason, I begin creating my own music as a MC. After going to school for business and audio, I decided to get more involved with entertainment. Thanks to Troy [Troy2DaVent], the President of the Slip-N-Slide DJs and my manager, he gave me a chance to learn and work in this music industry.

DJ Fusion: From your personal viewpoint, Kaneri, what's the Florida Hip-Hop scene like? How has it been establishing your place up in it?

Kaneri Diamond:
To be honest, Florida's Hip-Hop scene is all political. It's all about who you know to get your feet in the game.

Some may say I play by my own rules. I made my own place on the Hip-Hop, I am branding my name by myself in Florida.

I go to the streets and grind my music hard. Everybody is like where did this girl come from, it's like I just appeared from nowhere. * laughs * But it's a long time coming and I am ready to explode!!!

DJ Fusion: No doubt, I can definitely see that from running into a lot of your work this past year. Now, as one of the rare female Hip-Hop MCs in the game as of late (much less one who is actually skilled and talented), what's your viewpoint of the music industry now?

How do folks to you respond to the ladies taking charge on stage, with the music (especially with your work with the mixtape scene and beyond) and with their business?

Kaneri Diamond: This industry that I love is male dominated. It's crazy because some guys will come at you the wrong way but you have to be focus on whats really important - your career.

I know I am talented and can make good music with substance, so I am staying strong to what I believe. I know I do not need to sleep around to try to get a deal. I have never done that and I will never sell out like that.

Some male Hip-Hop artists are real cool and will embrace a female that got skills behind the microphone. Also, some just want to know your breast size. * laughs *

This is the one thing that I have learned in doing this business if you do good work all the time then you will earn men respect. I have earned my respect and my position.

I want to send this message to all the little girls reading this that want a career in the music industry; you do not need to sell your self short by having sex to move up the corporate ladder, you can just do your job to the best of your ability all the time and you will earn your respect and your title.

DJ Fusion: I definitely appreciate you for putting all of that out there. Being that we talked about how the fellas look at you in the biz, how have your fellow female MCs and industry folks responded to you from personal experience?

There's the big stereotype about how females can't work together on anything, are mad petty, etc. True, false, in between, we're curious about what you've been through.

Kaneri Diamond: You would think we should all be able to get along since its not that many of us. However, its not like that. It has been times where I been cool with a female MC but as soon as I got a lil' more attention or fame then them they stop speaking or hitting me up on my MySpace.

Also, it's been times where I have reached out to female MCs to do a track and never even got a response. * laughs *

I think that is so crazy, just plan crazy. I could reach out to bigger male Hip-Hop artists and got responses and we done real work together but never got the same response when I reached out to a female MC.

I wish one day we can be better than that as Female MCs and do some real work together. So I will leave them with this: I'M SO FLY FRESH TO DEAF DON'T HATE ME cause I HATE MYSELF!!! * laughs *

DJ Fusion: * laughs * You're definitely putting out there for folks to know where you're coming from. Tell me, how did you come up with your stage name?

Kaneri Diamond: Everybody in my hood call me Kaneri because they can not pronounce my real name, which is Canieria. Ya know all females like diamonds, so I decided to tag my last name with Diamonds because I am a flashy person. * laughs * So thats how I came up with Florida Finest Kaneri Diamond.

DJ Fusion: True indeed. So far, what have been your most memorable experiences in the music industry, both good and bad?

Kaneri Diamond: Oh most good memorable experience is when I opened up for Plies in front of a crowd of ten thousand. It was a great show; I killed it. By the end of the show ,I was all on top of the speakers, jumping off the stage, it was great. * laughs *

My most memorable bad experience was when I went to a award show and my folks checked in for me and got my ticket. The only thing is they went inside to their seats without giving me my ticket.

So when I tried to make my red carpet walk in, I couldn't 'cause I did not have my ticket and I had to wait by the door like a duck. IT'S FUNNY NOW, but its was not funny then. I was just standing there looking crazy like everybody trying to get in without a ticket and I actually had a ticket. * laughs *

DJ Fusion: Who are some of the music artists you would like to collaborate with in the future? Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Rock, whatever is good.

Kaneri Diamond: I want to link up with a few people on a track. One would be Wyclef, Nas, Kanye, Michael Jackson, Neyo, Ciara, Outkast and Gwen Stephani.

DJ Fusion: True, that's what's up with the list Kaneri - I can feel you on that group of talented folks right there. What are some upcoming plans and projects we should expect from you in the future?

Kaneri Diamond: I got a mixtape dropping with DJ Mami Fresh called "Top Model of Hip Hop", a mixtape called "I'm The Future" with DJ 5053 and another mixtape called "Worldwide" which I got DJs from around the world on this project. It's going to be big. I am also writing and recording my album for 2009.

Hopefully I will take home "Indy Artist of the Year" with the SEA's [Southern Entertainment Awards].

I also started a company called the IAA that where Indy Artists help each other worldwide. Be on the lookout for the "Moe Money" video.

DJ Fusion: That's what's up. You got a lot on your plate and I'm sure the people want to be able to reach out to you to give props, build in some way and so forth. Where can people go to check out what's going on with Kaneri Diamond as well as reach out for any collaborations, booking and things?

Kaneri Diamond: To contact me, Kaneri Diamond, for Booking, Hosting, Interviews, or Features call 212-545-4154. You also can hit me up on Myspace or FaceBook here are the links:

DJ Fusion: This was a dope interview Kaneri, thanks a lot for taking out your time to do this. :) Do you have any folks you would like to shout out?

Kaneri Diamond: Yes, once again I want to thank you for giving me the chance to do this interview with you and your companies. I wanted to shout out my family for standing by me through everything, Troy, Ernest, Next Level, Meech Wells, DJ Mami Fresh, DJ Fusion, all Slip N Slide DJs and any DJs that support and break my records!

Thanks and much appreciation to Ernest Jackson at MNS Media for arranging this interview.

Kaneri Diamond mp3 Downloads:

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Music Video: Kaneri Diamond - I Hate Myself

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