Music: Señor Kaos

Hey there and FuseBox Radio Broadcast Family!

Got to give it up to my peoples over at Public Wizard for putting me on to independent Atlanta Hip-Hop MC, Señor Kaos.

The current mixtape album project he has out now, Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything, Version 2.0 (on the High Water Music/Vintage Imperial label) is a dope, solid piece of work that's not dry or the same old same old.

Editor's Note: I love my indie MCs, but let's face it, sometimes you're listening to the equivalent of Starbucks music in terms of ho-humdom either because the flow or production is the audio equivalent of Sleeytime Tea.

I've been sitting on this joint for the past month (amongst literally 1000s of mp3s and/or CDs I'm trying to catch up on to attempt to complete an official Best and Worst of Black Music 2008 List before the end of the year) and am happy that this joint is worthy of being bumped personally from the public transportation to the whip (when I can afford gas) for Hip-Hop heads at large.

Check out the Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything, Version 2.0 mixtape done by DJ Grandman of the album here and cop the highlighted single downloads in the tracklisting.

Let us know what you think and hope you enjoy it!


1. Keep Your Eye On These Crooks (Produced By Sl One)
2. Gangsta Rap (Step Up Time)
3. Yo Soy Señor Kaos (Produced By Caractur)
4. Check Out Your Mind
5. Out To Get Ya (Produced By Sl One)
6. Warm It Up Kaos
7. As Good As It Gets (Produced By Sl One)
8. Criminology 2009
9. A Word From Kaos (Interlude) Produced by Ben Hameen)
10. Girls Rock Too (Produced By Johnny Euphonic) (right click and "save as")
11. Lets Discuss feat. Amdex (Produced By DJ Unknown)
12. Heres An Ear (Produced By Caractur)
13. The Reason I Write (Produced By Kanye West)
14. Cut The Check (Audobon Society Exclusive)
15. Automatic Classic (Produced By Illastrate, Cuts By DJ Dainja) (right click and "save as")
16. A Million MC March Verse (Produced by J Mill)
17. Kaos Riddim
18. If It's Unknown (Produced By DJ Unknown)
19. Rain (Produced By DJ Rob Wonder)
20. Posse Cut feat. Giant Panda, Collective Efforts and Dillion (Produced by Giant Panda)
21. Soliloquy Of Kaos
22. Like You Do (Produced By Kanye West)
23. For The Cream Remix feat. Jax (Produced By Dj Rasta Root)
24. Here We Go Again feat. Grand Agent (Produced By Sl One)
25. Ripside Feat. Jax (Binkis Recs) - R.I.P. (bonus cut)

Bonus Music Video #1: Señor Kaos - Girls Rock Too

Bonus Music Video #2: Señor Kaos - Automatic Classic (Live)

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