World AIDS Day 2008

Hello and FuseBox Radio Broadcast family,

Today is the 20th official World AIDS Day.

HIV infection and AIDS are still making a terrible impact all over the world even with advances in research and medical treatments, especially with Communities of Color in the United States and beyond.

In this day and age, there should be absolutely NO reason why folks are not getting tested regularly not just for AIDS, but for other STDs. There are a numerous amount of places where testing is done for little to no cost.

Also, both you and your sexual partner should be using some form of protection - if for no other reason, to protect your own health status.

Here are just a few links for folks to check out some of what is going on with the AIDS epidemic all over the world with policy, prevention and research:

World AIDS Campaign Official Website

World AIDS Day Official Website

UNAIDS: The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

Black AIDS Institute
HIV Facts & Stats Amongst Black Americans (Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Website)

Face of Global Sex 2008

American College of Physicians (ACP) Guideline Urges HIV Tests for All Patients 13 and Older (Source: Washington Post)

World's AIDS Day Request: More Funding (Source: BET)

South Africa To Observe 15 Minutes' Silence For World AIDS Day (Source: AFP)

Chembio Diagnostics Donates 1 Million HIV Tests to Support World AIDS Day 2008 Testing Initiative (Source: CNN)

A New Memorial for Unveiled In New York City For Those Who Have Died of AIDS (Source: NY Daily News)