Interesting Links: Happy 2009 Edition!

Dope Independent Hip-Hop Music Video: Kaboose feat. Royce Da 5'9" - Goin' Outta Control (from the cool folks at Syntax Records)

So Much for Post-Racial America (SMH) #1: BART Cop Shown On Video Shooting Unarmed, Subdued Black Man in Oakland Station - San Fransicso Chronicle

So Much for Post-Racial America (SMH) #2 :Katrina Recovery Activist Outs Himself as FBI Mole - The Huffington Post

Pres. Elect Barack Obama Can't Win for Losing With The Drama #1: Ex-Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris Turned Away From Senate Door After Trying To Get Into Pres. Elect Barack Obama's Former Senate Seat - CNN

Maybe I Need To Name Myself Bank of DJ Fusion: $1.6 Billion Of Bailout Funds Given To Bank Execs According To Study - The Final Call

Pres. Elect Barack Obama Can't Win for Losing With The Drama #2: The Isreal/Gaza Conflict Continues On...What Makes A Civilian In This War? - BBC News

Perversion of Justice: Gulag America - Black Agenda Report

Senator Bill Richardson = Kissinger-American - Greg Palast

Weird Science - Evolution in Reverse - Newsweek

Birth of the News - The Nation

An End, and a Beginning, for the Media - TIME Magazine

WTF News #1: Baby's Corpse Thrown Out With Hospital's Trash - MSNBC

WTF News #2: Angry Ohio Boy, Four, Shoots Babysitter - Black America Web

Keep Your Records Tight For The Lotto Ticket Pool: Co-Workers Sue Over $207 Million Lottery Win - CNN

The Night James Brown Saved Boston - Wax Poetics

What's Really Good in the D? Former Detriot Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Getting The Soul Food Connect In Prison? - Oh Hell Nawl

Comedian Katt Williams Gets Hit Upside The Head At Comedy Club For Cracking Jokes At The Wrong One - Crunk + Disorderly

Can 2009 Sort Of Slow Down The "Reality" TV Thing, Please? Now Dru Hill Wants To Be Down - Bossip

I'm Not A Fan Of Soulja Boy, But It's Has To Be Wack To Get Robbed By People Around Your Way You Know - Rhymes With Snitch

Whoever Decided To Put This Dude Out, Much Less This Terribly "Colorful" Cover Needs To Be Hit In The Face - D-Listed

White American Culture is General Tso’s Chicken and Chop Suey - Racialicious

If You Did Not Already Think That Some Stars Are Kind of Hoes, Here's Some Info From One That Says How Much They Can Get On The Stroll - IDontLikeYouInThatWay

Eminem Has A New Track Out With 50 Cent And Found Dr. Dre From Somewhere, What Do Y'all Think Of It? - SOHH

Industry Rule #4080 In Effect: Lawsuit Erupts Over "Cha Cha Slide" -

Some Recent Dope Independent Hip-Hop Mixtapes for Folks To Enjoy:

L.E.G.A.C.Y. & DJ Flash - The NC Chainsaw Massacre Mixtape


1. Intro (produced by Soul Professa)
2. Off The Man feat. K-Hill & Panama G.A.T. (produced by Khrysis)
3. Leatherface (Freestyle)
4. That Me Shit feat. Sean Boog (produced by Khrysis)
5. Heat Rises feat. KAZE & Nervous Reck (produced by Khrysis)
6. I'm A Star RMX feat. Joe Scudda, Chaundon & Median (produced by 9th Wonder)
7. No Regrets Pt. 2 feat. Lunatic Messiah, Spec Boogie & Dynas (produced by K-Hill)
8. 4 Cornered Room (produced by Khrysis)
9. Freestyle
10. The Underworld Pt. 2 (produced by Soul Professa)
11. Freestyle
12. Man Next Door (produced by Dox)
13. 14 Grams (produced by Khrysis)
14. Freestyle

DJ Y-Not? & Domination Recordings Presents: The Domination Mix (Don't Holla) Vol. 2 Mixtape

Download Link


Side A
J-Zone Intro
Shorty Raw "Gotta Go"
Dr. Butcher & Understanding "In This World"
Butta Verses feat. Lucian "If I Die"
Moka Only "Run & Find"
The Heart & Brain "Mbodiment"
Seven "Where Da Rydaz At?"
Eddie Meeks "Fist Fulla Biscuits"
Supastition "Worst Enemy"
Spacebound feat. True "Styles Unbreakable"
Jazz Addixx "DOPE"
Praverb "Dead 2 Sin"

Side B
Stacy Epps "Floatin"
ST/MiC feat. Dutchmassive & Jazz Addixx "Love Is"
Ron Contour "Flaunt"
Laws feat. Majik Most "Everyone's a Critic"
Cadence of Raw Produce "Creative Commerce"
Storm the Unpredictable "Please Forgive Me" Remix
Arsun F!st "So Alive"
Dutchmassive feat. Median & Von Pea "Betterman"
Clan Destined "Never All Ways"
Jack Flash is Dead? "Questions"
Saint feat. Dumi Right of Zimbabwe Legit "About Time"
Count Bass D "In Search of"
Majik Most feat. Celph Titled & Dutchmassive "Back on the Map"
PFM feat. The Hoverock Massive "Splatter"

Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes & Freedom Entertainment Presents: CyMarshall Law & DJ GI Joe ThowThousandAndMine Mixtape


1. Intro
2. Cymarshall Law - Ghosts of Hip Hop: Past , Present & Future
3. Pace Won - Tic Toc - Prod by The Beatnikz
4. Mary Lou - Love Comes Naturally - Prod by The Beatnikz
5. Everliven Sound - Green Cream prod. by Beatnikz
6. Skit Slam - I Need You (Joeker Remake)
7. Skit Slam & The Beatnikz featuring Sticky Fingaz & Cymarshall Law - Just Like You
8. Supastition - Bang - Prod by The Beatnikz
9. Mary Lou - Higher Level - Prod by The Beatnikz
10. Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker - Live While You Can
11. Skit Slam & The Beatnikz - Ghetto Liven
12. Everliven Sound - What If - prod by Beatnikz
13. Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker - Truth feat. Supastition & Skit Slam
14. Cymarshall Law - Addiction prod. by Mr. Joeker
15. Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker - Love , Sex or What
16. Ty- Chee & El Da Sensai - The Most Unadulterated - Prod by The Beatnikz
17. Skit Slam & The Beatnikz - Concrete Jungle
18. Skit Slam, Pace Won, Ty-Chee - Autobots Smash Prod by Mr. Green
19. Outro