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What's up and FuseBox Radio Broadcast family!

Just wanted to shine the spotlight on another great radio show that has the quality Black Radio aesthetic with my peoples in the DC Metro area with Revolt Radio.

Revolt Radio is hosted by independent Hip-Hop MCs Wordsmith & Black Knight along with the music in the mix by DJ Dublee bringing some of the best mainstream and independent Hip-Hop music to the masses weekly.

Check out this week's show as well as the archives of Revolt Radio through the player below - hope you enjoy it!

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Wordsmiths Revolt Radio Week 42 Podcast (HipHopDxPresents Wordsmith - The 2008 Resolution & Re-Cap Mixtape Listening Session)


Black Knight Intro

DJ Dublee's Singles Symposium
1. The First 6 Months (prod. Capish)
2. Not A Second to Waste (prod. Street Level)(Snippet)
3. Senor Wordsmith (prod. Strada)
4. Hip Hop's Cold Shoulder feat. Black Knight & Excetera (of The Camp) (prod. Strada)(Snippet)
Black Knight Air Break
5. The Mic Breaker feat. Kontact & Black Knight (prod. Professa)
6. Judged in Da Cipha feat. RhymeZwell & Black Knight (prod. Professa)
7. Game Set Point feat. Skyzoo / UnLearn / Donny Goines / RAtheMC (prod. Street Level)
Black Knight Air Break # 2
8. Levitation feat. D-Dub / Kontact / Black Knight (prod. Professa)(Snippet)
9. The Ghost In My Dreams (prod. Guilty J)(Snippet)
10. That Feel Good Flow 2: The Goodness (prod. Rednaz Beats)
11. Peaceful Journey: Blue Waters feat. Kimia Collins (prod. Strada)
12. Wordz for Remediez RMX 2004 (prod. Wigged Wax) [BONUS]

Black Knight Intermission

DJ Dublee's Unsigned Mix Show
1. Unsigned : Skillz – 08 Wrap up
2. Unsigned: K. Sparks – Rap Savior
3. Unsigned: Jadakiss ft. Faith Evans – Letter to BIG
4. Unsigned: Lee Kid – You Outta Know
5. Unsigned: Alorious - Temporarily Disconnected
6. Unsigned: Wordsmith – Hip Hop 2.0
7. Unsigned: Tre Dot – Miss N Luv You
8. Unsigned Exclusive: Big Jigg – Streetz
9. Unsigned: Joe Deluxe - Bang It Out
10. Unsigned: Cazh – New Day
11. Unsigned: Chris Deshield – Blame it on The Drink
12. Unsigned: T. Banger – Kick Raps
13. Unsigned: NIAM – Big Dreams
14. Unsigned: Mista Mista – Night Like This
15. Unsigned: Sonny Boy - Hood

Black Knight Outro

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