Music: The Custodian of Records Presents Jersey Radio Vol. 1

Hey there everyone,

Have to give love to my peoples over at Domination Recordings for hitting me up with this 36 minute mix of classic and new New Jersey area Hip-Hop by two brothers I used to run into alot around that way, DJ Brownbum (mixing it up on the wheels of steel) and The Custodian of Records (the name says it all, this dude has a CRAZY record collection) with Jersey Radio.

Hopefully, there will be more of these joints to come - check out the free download below and let us know what you think - enjoy!

** NOTE: This mix is not clean/radio friendly, so be careful playing at work, around uptight folks, etc. **

The Custodian of Records Presents Jersey Radio Vol. 1
Podcast Ready mp3 Download Link


1. Exit 9 - Hood On My Back
2. Solzalez - Stand Clear (Prod. By The Custodian)
3. Moodswingaz - Moodswingaz Anthem
4. Tame One - Homage To The Bombaz
5. Bullymouth - Finger Paint
6. Shawn Lov feat. Pace Won - Get it right (prod. by The Custodian)
7. Twilight - Poverty (Prod by Mishap)
8. K. Banger - Set It On Society (prod. by Maleet)
9. Feed - Gutta Music
10. Big Wreck - Bang (Prod. By The Custodian)
11. East Flatbush Project feat. Stress and Dox - Who I'm Is
12. Slim Rockwell - Everyday
13. Krown Rulers - Kick the ball
14. Latee - This Cuts Got Flavor
15. Lakim Shabazz - Need Some "ovin'
16. Real Live - Real Live Shit Remix (Instrumental)
17. Redman - Tonights Da Night
18. Redman - Can't Wait (C.O.R. RMX)
19. Jersey Dozen teaser... (Prod. By The Custodian)

DJ Brownbum Official MySpace Page
The Custodian of Records Official MySpace Page


The Custodian of Records said...

thank u so much for posting this.. it was a collaborative effort.. we all know brownbum is the king of digging.. wait till u hear the old school one we did.. thanks again,

The Custodian/ Adult Edu.

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