Music: Kumasi

What's good this Monday, the second day of Black History Month 2009, to our & FuseBox Radio Broadcast folks! :)

Just wanted to share some cool quality Black Music I was exposed to this weekend from Compton, California's Kumasi.

I was able to check out some music from his album that's out now on iTunes and eMusic via The Game's label, Black Wall Street, is called The Game Face/Change The World.

Personally, I'm definitely feeling what's going down with this brother's music and potential - Kumasi sort of reminds me of Hip-Hop MCs with dope laid back vibes & flow like a Guru or Common, the West Coast version (and he has production that fits his vibe the properly). The man also has a VERY nice singing voice as well.

Kumasi's next album, Change Is Gonna Come, is supposed to drop this year and has features with folks like Raheem DeVaughn, Dave Hollister, Mos Def and others.

Like many folks signed onto artist labels/subdivisions, I hope the man doesn't get done dirty and achieves the shine he truly deserves. Kumasi's already doing well internationally, so the U.S. should follow (again, I hope so).

While time will tell on all things, check out some of Kumasi's videos and downloads below and let us know what you think...hope you enjoy everything!

Music Video #1: Kumasi feat. Raheem DeVaughn & Hope - Celebrate You

Kumasi feat. Raheem DeVaughn & Hope - Celebrate You mp3 Download

Music Video #2: Kumasi - Amazing Grace

Kumasi - Amazing Grace mp3 Download

Music Video #3: Kumasi feat. Malik Yusef & Chyno - Sun Gon' Shine

Kumasi Official MySpace Page
Black WallStreet Official Website