TV to Watch: "Adjust Your Color - The Truth About Petey Greene"

What's good to our FuseBox Radio Broadcast & supporters this fine Tuesday!

Just wanted to share some quality programming to watch from the people over at PBS & Independent Lens that's premiering tonight with the documentary Adjust Your Color: The Truth About Petey Greene.

Ralph "Petey" Greene was a Black Radio and TV Legend based in Washington, DC who is also known as one of America's first well known and popular "shock jocks" through his raw and uncensored shows on racism, poverty, sexuality and drug abuse through the power of “telling it like it is” to the Black American community and anyone else who would listen.

A lot of folks who were not in the DC area back in the day to be exposed to Petey Greene in his prime got a bit more familiar with his vibe and personality with the biographical movie about that was put out about 2 years ago starring Don Cheadle, Talk To Me.

That movie however only covered portions of what Petey Greene was about.

The producers and directors of this documentary (Loren Mendell, Terence Greene, Joe Fries and Bob DeMars) have used decades-old audio recordings and television shows that allow the man himself to narrate his life story along with interviews from others involved in his life, which should definitely make for some interesting viewing.

Check out the video of the Independent Lens: Adjust Your Color - The Truth About Petey Greene trailer below as well as some classic Petey Greene material & reading from our links - hope you enjoy everything!

Independent Lens: Adjust Your Color - The Truth About Petey Greene Documentary Trailer

Bonus Video #1: Petey Greene from his TV show with the "How To Eat A Watermelon" sketch & speech

Bonus Video #2: Petey Greene - Hustlin' Backwards

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Independent Lens: Adjust Your Color - The Truth About Petey Greene Official Website (check the site to see what days and times the documentary is playing in your area)

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