Music: DJ Kut (Power 105.1 FM) Music Mix

Good Monday Morning to our & FuseBox Radio Broadcast Crew!

Hope things are going well for you at the start of the work week. :)

Our peoples over at Power 105.1 FM DJ Kut (representing the St. Louis. MO and NYC areas) hit us with one of his recent old school Soul, Hip-Hop & House music mini-mixes (this one is about 25 min.) to share with everyone on the site - these are some pretty dope grooves from the 1980s to 1990s.

The DJ set is all clean/radio friendly, so feel free to blast them off at work, on the job, etc. to get your collective head nod/dance on with.


DJ Kut Live On The Ed Lover Morning Show ('90s R&B & House Mix) - March 2009
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1. Here We Go - Portrait
2. Is It Good To You - Teddy Riley
3. Dope RMX – B.B.D.
4. Get Away - Bobby Brown
5. Motown Philly - Boyz II Men
6. My Fantasy RMX - Guy
7. Monie In The Middle - Monie Love
8. We Got Our Own Thang - Heavy D & The Boyz
9. Come Into My House - Queen Latifah
10. I’ll House You - Jungle Brothers
11. Everybody Everybody - Black Box
12. Follow Me - Club Trax
13. The Perculator - Cashmere
14. Ed Lover Morning Show Talk Break

DJ Kut Official Website
Power 105.1 FM Official Website