Music: Bmore Original Radio - Down Lo Radio Show

Thanks for sticking it out with us during these erratic posts on the 'site - both my 9 to 5 and behind the scenes stuff for both outlets (which is VERY good by the way and folks will see soon in full effect) have been working a sis here like crazy....but we haven't forgotten that we're here to bring y'all some good music and things to chill to.

My peoples DJ Excel has a great website that highlights Baltimore Club Music and Hip-Hop called BMore Original Records.

Besides individual song downloads, interviews and things, there are a LOT of great radio shows that do the concept of Black Radio proud in my opinion up on the 'site.

Here are a few Baltimore House Music mixes from the Down Lo Radio Show from the BMore Original Records website - give them a listen, download and enjoy!

** NOTE - These mixes are NOT clean/radio friendly, so don't be blasting them too loud over your office work speakers (but get your party on in your headphones, house, etc.)! **

DJ Booman on BMore Original Radio
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1. Intro
2. DJ Excel - Bounce
3. DJ Booman - Unreleased Beat
4. DJ Booman - Feel Like Dancing
5. Daft Punk - One More Time (Laidback Luke Bmore Edit)
6. DJ Booman - Pick 'Em Up (lost RMX)
7. DJ Booman - To The Rhythem
8. DJ Excel - Alive
9. KW Griff - Break Ill With The Drummer
10. Rod Lee - Bass Drop
11. Rye Rye feat. M.I.A. - Bang (Nacey RMX)
12. Technics - Doo Dew Circus
13. Taxi Doll - Waiting (DJ Booman RMX)
14. Roctakon - jet rink sunglasses
15. Manny - Represent
16. KW Griff - I Feel Good
17. Jimmy Jones - Where Y'all At?
18. DJ Excel - Fire It Up
19. DJ Booman - Love The Way
20. DJ Booman - Freeze
21. D.O.G. - Louder (prod. by DJ Booman)
22. Mullyman - Party Walk
23. DJ Excel - All Night Long feat. Emmy

DJ K.Gol On The Down Lo
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1. DJ Rampage - Midway Shuffle
2. DJ Excel - Fire It Up
3. French Fries - Pull Up
4. Kazey & Bulldog - Snap Yo Balti
5. Cobra Krames - A Lollipop
6. Grems a.k.a. Supermicro - Casse Ton Boule
7. Herve - Cheap Thrills
8. DJ Excel - That's What A Pimp Does
9. Al-Ripken - Girls Be Lickin' N Skicken'
10. Kazey & Bulldog - To The Bouncemoblie
11. High Powered Boys - Up Down (Surkin RMX)
12. DJ Rampage - Deep Inside
13. Tomb Crew - Ina Dat
14. Cobra Krames - Flip Fantasia
15. House of Pain - Jump Around 2007 (Micky Slim RMX) OUSE OF PAIN
16. Top Billin' - Dancefloor
17. Kazey & Bulldog - I Joke On You
18. DJ Excel - Bump
19. Utah Saint - Something good (Bart BMore RMX)
20. Wu-Tang Clan - Ain't Nothing To F*** With (Bird Peterson RMX)
21. High Powered Boys - Hoes Get Down
22. DJ Excel - Undaground

DJ Impakt on The Down Lo Mixshow - Bmore Original Radio
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1. Rod Lee - Old School
2. Scottie B & King Tutt - Bang That
3. The Doo Dew Kidz - East/West
4. Jimmy Jones - Park Av. Dub
5. Scottie B & Karizma - FTP (Sunday Morning Mix)
6. ???????? - The Roof Is On Fire
7. DJ Technics - Shoot 'Em Up
8. DJ Tameil - Trans Newark Express
9. The Doo Dew Kidz - Give It To Me (instr.)
10. DJ Technics - Left/Right Combo
11. Rod Lee - Buss 2000
12. DJ Technics - Missy Theme
13. DJ Excel - Bump
14. Rod Lee - Feel Me

DJ Lazy Soul (France) on The Down Lo Mixshow - Bmore Original Radio
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1. DJ Excel: All Night Long
2. DJ Technics: Pop Yo Pussy
3. Kazey & Bulldogg: To The Bouncemobile
4. French Fries: Pull Up
5. DJ Technics: Pumpkin
6. DJ Tameil: Bump Like This
7. Round Table Knights: Freak From desire
8. DJ K-Gol: Like This One
9. Curtis Vodka: Love Or Hate
10. M.I.A.: Paper Planes(Scottie B RMX)
11. James Nasty: You So Hawt
12. DJ Ayres: Move On Up
13. DJ B-Stee: Long Way
14. DJ Excel: Put Up They Handz
15. Tittsworth: 911 (Bird Peterson RMX)
16. DJ Tameil: Get Silly
17. Chris Lake: Changes Bodyjacking Baltimize
18. DJ Sega: Be
19. Emynd: Rock This Park
20. N.E.R.D.S.: Everyone Nose (Bass Ill Euro RMX)
21. DJ Willroc: The Twilight Zone
22. Faithless: Insomnia (The Hump Day Project RMX)
23. Diplo: Fired From Work
24. The Count Of Monte Cristal: Bmore Forward
25. DJ Excel: Return 2 Da Classics
26. DJ Sega: Last Resort
27. DJ B-Stee: Robot Club Rock
28. Bird Peterson: Ain't Nuthin' To Fuck With
29. DJ Rampage: Eazy-E
30. Scottie B: Beautifull Girl
31. King Tutt: Justin Remix
32. DJ Slice: Busted
33. Tittsworth: Sunday Morning Bonus Beat*
34. Spank Rock: Put That Pussy On Me (Acapella)
35. DJ Excel: Fire It Up

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