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What's good & FuseBox Radio Broadcast crew! :)

I've been rocking (well, as much one would in bed & in between popping Halls Cough Drops, tea & meds from this spring cold thingie) to this Hip-Hop/R&B/Rock/Everything In Between mixtape since getting the download early this week.

Shouts & much love to my folks over at Giant Step & the music making folks of Chester French (cool peoples) for hipping me to this project a while ago.

This is a complete free new album for the masses before the Star Trak/Interscope group drops their official full length album later this year.

Give it a download and let us know what you think - you know we don't co-sign garbage over here (and with the N.E.R.D. crew running Star Trak, they have a pretty excellent track record as well - check those recent Kenna & Robin Thicke albums). Enjoy!

Clinton Sparks & The New Music Cartel Presents Get Familiar With Chester French: Jacques Jams - Vol. 1 Endurance

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CHAPTER 1: Starting A Band

2. 2 Mans starring Solange
3. Skit: "Sick Party"
4. No Parents Allowed starring N.O.R.E. & Kardinal Offishall
5. Out At The Compound

CHAPTER 2: Trying To Be Cool

6. Skit: "Chloe Jones" starring Cassie
7. The Jimmy Choos
8. Campus Kingpin starring Pusha of The Clipse
9. I'm So Tall starring Bun B., Talib Kweli & Mickey Factz

CHAPTER 3: Realizing Being A Nerd Is Cool

10. Skit: "E-piphany"
11. Nerd Girl starring Janelle Monae
12. Skit: "Going to LA, Holmes"

CHAPTER 4: Arriving In LALA Land

13. Skit: "It's All For You"
14. What A World with Common (Produced by Pharrell Williams)
15. She Loves Everybody
16. Skit: "Get Familiar" starring Ben Lyons & Clinton Sparks
17. Ciroc Star starring Diddy & Jadakiss
18. Skit: "Mad Rapper"
19. Lady GaGa "Love Game" (Exclusive Chester French Remix)

CHAPTER 5: Becoming A Douche Bag

20. Skit: "Losing Yourself"
21. I'm Sorry starring Wale
22. Skit: "Endurance Lost"
23. Life in LA starring Pharrell Williams & Jermaine Dupri

CHAPTER 6: Regaining Your Hard On

24. C'mon (On My Own)

CHAPTER 7: "Love The Future"

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