Music: Co. fee: Attack Of The Killah Beez (Wu-Tang Remix EP)

Getting back on my sort of/kinda music posting game here on folks....

Shouts out to my peoples J.J. Parker of Good Times PR for putting me on to Southern California' Co. fee and his recent remix project "Attack Of The Killah Beez".

Music producer and DJ Co. fee flips a lot of the classic Wu-Tang Clan Hip-Hop joints with some Blaxploitation Era music into some interesting productions and whatnot that are definitely on point .

I've been bumping my CD of this (yes, I am a neophyte with using my phone to listen to mp3s and am just getting into it, therefore I burn CDs for the travels - sue me) since folks dropped the project in the e-mail box.

Give it a download and let me know what y'all think!

Co. fee: Attack Of The Killah Beez (Wu-Tang Remix EP)
Download Link


1. Feature Presentation
2. Armegedon
3. Dusty Burner
4. Fist of the North Star
5. Norman Bates
6. Death Race 2012
7. Save Me Dear
8. Fist full of dollers
9. Finale (For the Chldren)

Co. fee Official MySpace Page