Music: Drake "aLive" Mixtape 2009

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Now, everyone and their Mama has been getting on my case about this Canadian MC Drake, especially with his recent co-signage by mainstream MC of the moment Lil' Wayne & his Young Money imprint and the 9,999,999 spins of "Best I Ever Had" (which makes me want to stab a rusty spork in my ear due to the overload).

Quite frankly, I haven't gotten sold on the brother being nice on the mic (blame it on the PR & payola, sorry) until hearing from a good amount of my peoples that he can maintain a dope live show - which I still need to check for myself - as well as giving some in depth listens to some of his recent mixtapes, including the dope one we have below from our fam at that shows he can actually maintain a pretty decent live show that doesn't shame Black Music and is sans autotune, 1,000 weed carriers on the stage, etc.

While I'm not sold on Drake's singing like that (just no), the bro can spit some pretty decent bars to the point where I'm actually curious to see where his career goes...

Anyway, check the Presents - Drake "aLive" Mixtape 2009 and decide for yourselves where Drake should stand in the Hip-Hop realm...let folks know what you think! Presents - Drake "aLive" Mixtape 2009
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1. Drake "aLive" Mixtape Intro (
2. Drake - The Presentation
3. Drake - Swagger Like Us Freestyle
4. Drake - Congratulations LIVE
5. Drake - Girl Let Me
6. Drake - Unstoppable LIVE
7. Drake - Uptown LIVE
8. Drake - A Milli Freestyle
9. Drake - Overdose On Life
10. Drake feat. Colin Munroe - Cannon Ball
11. Drake with Cipha Sounds on Hot97 (Interlude 1)
12. Drake feat. Lil Wayne - Stunt Hard
13. Usher In The Building (Interlude)
14. Drake - Brand New LIVE
15. Drake - Take You Down Freestyle
16. Drake - Get Over It
17. Drake - Enjoy Ya Self
18. Drake feat. Trey Songz - Pop Rose'
19. Drake feat. Trey Songz - Successful LIVE
20. Drake feat. Trey Songz - Replacement Girl
21. Drake - Sooner Than Later LIVE
22. Drake feat. Treazon - Tonight
23. Drake - Ransom LIVE
24. Drake - Funkmaster Flex Freestyle
25. Drake with Cipha Sounds on Hot97 (Interlude 2)
26. Drake feat. Swizz Beatz - Best I Ever Had (Ted Smooth Remix)
27. Drake feat. Busta Rhymes - Best I Ever Had (Remix)
28. Drake - Best I Ever Had LIVE
29. Drake feat. Black Cotton & T-Pain - Every Girl (Remix)
30. Drake feat. Lil Wayne - Every Girl LIVE
31. Drake "aLive" Mixtape Outro (
32. Bonus Track - Black Cotton feat. Brian Carlos - Fly Like Me (Prod. by TreyPeezy Dot Com)
33. Bonus Track - Black Cotton - Back & Forth
34. Bonus Track - Black Cotton - We On
35. Bonus Track - Black Cotton feat. McKennie Love - Mafia Music
36. Bonus Track - Black Cotton - Ignorate Shit Freestyle

Bonus Music Video #1: Drake feat. Trey Songz - Replacement Girl

Bonus Music Video #2: Drake Perfoming Live In Detroit w/ Big Sean and Wale (2009)

Drake Perfoming In Detroit W/ Big Sean and Wale from Flying With Da Fishes Blog on Vimeo.

Trey Peezy Official Website
Drake Official Website
Drake Official MySpace Page

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