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Now, people who know me personally or on a music end know that I'm one of those folks who's ever been really beat about Hip-Hop diss tracks (personally, I feel that there hasn't been a good to great MC battle on wax since Nas v. Jay-Z and that's now about a decade ago).

Honestly, it's seems like PR101 for 99.99999999% of some up and coming rapper to make a diss track (or now video in this 21st Century iCoonery Age) about somebody for little to no reason to get shine and props.

And honestly, musically, most of these joints are pretty wack - the MC on the track is equal or worse in skill to the person they're dissing and after the insults, the replay value is severely lacking.

I've gotten music from Harlem MC, Real Music Global and Wu Music Group executive MoeRoc way before in the past that was pretty hot, so I decided to give the 32 Bars of Respect street album a download and listen, instead of giving it the toss in the eRecycle Bin.

Even despite the fact that the title track is a diss track towards New Jersey MC Joe Budden on the EP (as a part of the current conflict Budden is having with Method Man and therefore at least indirectly, Wu-Tang Clan affilates), this street album is a pretty tight piece of work as quality NYC Street Hip-Hop overall.

Give 32 Bars of Respect a download below and let us know what you think, along with checking out one of MoeRoc's music videos - hope you all enjoy!

** NOTE: This EP is not clean/radio friendly, so don't blast this at the 9 to 5 or around uptight peoples. *

Real Music Global & Present MoeRoc: 32 Bars of Respect
Download Link


1. Destine 2 Shine [Produced by: Statik Selektah]
2. 32 Bars Of Respect [Produced by: The RZA]
3. Take My Turn [Produced by: Devin The Dude]
4. Movin The World [Produced by: Show & E Blaze]
5. The R.O.C. [Produced by: Diggz]
6. Yellow Jackets feat. Ace [Produced by: The RZA]
7. Meet Me In The Zone [Produced by: 9th Wonder]

Bonus Music Video: MoeRoc - Put It On The Line

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