Music: R. City

Good Tuesday Morning to our folks in land!

The Atlanta by way of the Virgin Islands brothers from R. City (beforehand known as Rock City) have been dropping mixtapes and collaborations left and right for the past few years as song writers and music artists for a minute even before signing with Akon's label Konlive Records.

With folks waiting for their full length album project, Wake the Neighbors, to drop later this year, here's another mixtape project showing R. City Members Theron (a/k/a Da Spokesman) and Timothy (a/k/a Don’t Talk Much) holding bay to their audience frustrations by dropping "Put the F'n Album Out...Sneak Peak Mixtape" to the masses to check out.

We like the mix these dudes have with blending Hip-Hop & Soul music in a way it doesn't sound trite and ordinary and have been on and off rocking their joints on the FuseBox Radio Broadcast - hopefully y'all will as well.

Give the "Put the F'n Album Out...Sneak Peak Mixtape" project a download and preview listen via the iMeem Player below then let us know what you think - enjoy! :)

Put the Fn Album Out...Sneak Peak Mixtape

Rock City: Put the Fn Album Out...Sneak Peak Mixtape Direct Download Link


1. Say What I Feel Inside
2. Intro
3. Best I Ever Heard
4. Put The F'N Album Out
5. Good Guy
6. Move
7. Bring It Back
8. Jumping Off The Building
9. She Coppin That Thing
10. Money On My Mind
11. P.S.A
12. Tha Return
13. Burn Freestyle
14. Let Ya Buzz Build
15. Gettin Some Pt.3
16. Lions Tigers & Bears RMX
17. May Day

Bonus Music Video: R. City - Put The F'N Album Out

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