Redman & Method Man Live Interview On Kyte.TV Today - 5 - 6 PM EST

This is probably the most posts we've done in a while on one day - told y'all is getting back in the mix! ;)

For all of my East Coast Hip-Hop fans (and just Hip-Hop fans in general), Redman and Method Man are having a live interview on Kyte.TV about their upcoming album release, Blackout 2 dropping through Def Jam Records on May 19th, and will be answering a lot of questions from the chat room & pre-selected from bloggers (including your peoples over here...yeah).

In case you can't see the interview below here on the 'site during the show time, go Method Man & Redman's Kyte.TV page here. Also feel free to to check out earlier show archives in the meantime as well. :)

Here are some related Method Man & Redman Goodies for the masses for folks to watch & download:

Redman & Methodman - Lights Out (Blackout 10 Year Reunion)
Mixed by DJ Green Latern

Download Link


1. Lights Out Intro
2. Dangerous MCs
3. Big Dogs
4. A Yo (Feat. Saukrates)
5. Well All Rite Cha
6. How High
7. City Lights (Feat. UGK)
8. Interlude (”We Back For The Smokers”)
9. The Rockwilder
10. Tear It Off
11. 4 Minutes to Lock Down (Feat. Raekwon & Ghostface)
12. Lights Out Outro (”May 19th Is The Date For B.O. 2, Bitch!”)

Classic Music Video #1: Method Man - M.E.T.H.O.D. Man

Classic Music Video #2: Redman - Tonight's Da Night

Classic Music Video #3: EPMD Feat. K-Solo & Redman - The Head Banger

Classic Music Video #4: Method Man feat. Mary J. Blige - You're All I Need

Classic Music Video #5: Method Man & Redman - How High (Part II)

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Method Man Official MySpace Page