Music: The Paxtons

What's good to our peoples on this last week of Black Music Month here in the States and the U.K. from the and syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast crew! :)

Wanted to share this fantastic free album download from one of the many great groups from the DC Hip-Hop scene, The Paxtons.

The Paxton's crew of Chris and Dave originally came together 12 years ago when both members lived on Chicago's Paxton Avenue. After moving to the DMV area in 2008, they dropped their first offical mixtape, "Members Only".

They've dropped various singles (including the track “Japanese Denim” with fellow DC producer Judah that was featured on the Mick Boogie helmed mixtape Hype Club).

The WORK album is being dropped in a partnership with The Smoking Section Blog, Philadelphia’s premier streetwear boutique, Ubiq, and NYC/Tokyo-based Atmos.

Definitely hit their site for more free music, videos, to purchase some product (after all, independent artists need to eat as well, support quality music - cop a hard copy of this CD and others) and some other goodies.

Grab The Paxtons' album download below and let us know what you think....hope y'all enjoy it like I did! :)

The Paxtons - Work LP

Download Link


1. Opening Credits (Villification)
2. Bread and Water (Syntax)
3. Just Tonight feat. RaTheMC, APthePrince & TeLuv (Vagary)
4. Free My Mind '09 (Purgation)
5. Theme Music (Malaise)
6. Calhoun Tubbs Radio (Harbinger)
7. Atlas feat. TeLuv (Perspicacity)
8. Instant Love (Paradigm)
9. La La feat. Brittany Packnett (Whimsy)
10. Take You Home feat. Brittany Packnett (Quandary)
11. Calhoun Tubbs Radio (Lamentation)
12. Still Waiting feat. Oscar Wao (Juxtaposition)
13. Smoke (Catharsis)
14. Closing Credits (Denouement)

Bonus Music Video #1: "The Paxtons: On The Way To WORK" Promo Video

Bonus Music Video #2: The Paxtons X Chester French X DMV Cypher

The Paxton's Official Website
The Paxton's Official MySpace Page