Video: CNN "Black In America 2" Documentary Special Preview Clips

Good Afternoon and FuseBox Radio Broadcast crew!

Tonight, international cable TV news channel CNN is going to do the premiere airing of their "Black in America 2" documentary series.

The first "Black In America" was interesting to say the least. I don't expect ANY TV series to be able to remotely cover the entire Black Experience(s) in America and considering it's a mainstream TV channel, thought CNN did an OK try of it.

No one's going to be fully pleased by the show, either because the viewpoints may be limited or extreme (too bad or too good in regards to what's really going down w/ Black People - you don't believe me, check the comments page on the "Black in America" website, much less all over the blogsphere & around the way).

Personally, I'm more annoyed that Blacks in America - CITIZENS mind you - need to even have series like this due to the fact a mentality of People of Color still being the bizarre "other" in society.

Sometimes it feels like specials on Black People in the U.S. are like some folks checking out animals in the zoo due to being presented to stereotypes via media, etc. almost from birth - "look here are some good ones", "wow, they're all wild", etc.

What I do VERY much appreciate about these specials is that they spark positive & criticial conversations to build on - what folks need to improve on, if we need to grab up more control of our own media images and destiny, etc.

Here is the official description of what the CNN "Black in America 2" Documentary Special is going to cover:
From health to education, CNN’s “Black in America 2” continues to investigate some of the most significant and challenging issues facing African-Americans.

Airing on July 22 & 23 at 8PM (ET), host Soledad O'Brien focuses on emerging leaders, innovative community programs and business ventures that are addressing the most persistent and pressing issues and disparities facing African-Americans.

On July 22, Black in America 2: Today’s Pioneers will examine the programs and progress of people working in ways large and small to make a difference. This is the story of community organizers across the country and the progress and improvements that they are creating locally.

On July 23, Black in America 2: Tomorrow’s Leaders will look at solutions aimed to developing leaders of tomorrow. We meet those that have already achieved heights of power, education and influence. And, we learn how others are reaching out to the next generation to ensure their success and achievement.
Here are some preview video clips below from the CNN's "Black In America 2"documentary series below - it's starts airing tonight, Wednesday, July 22, 2009 at 9 pm EST and will be in reruns (as well as on the web) on the cable channel.

Definitely feel free to give us your feedback on the series here up on!

Video: Capital Prep (from CNN's "Black In America 2")

Video: Cicely Tyson talking about using her career as a platform to address issues in the black community. (from CNN's "Black In America 2")

Video: John Legend talking about addressing issues in today's schools & the origin of his stage name.

Video: Steve Harvey talking About Being A Black Single Parent (from CNN's "Black In America 2")

Video: Tyler Perry talking about being the first African American with a major film/TV studio and his initial battle with Hollywood. (from CNN's "Black In America 2")

Video: Colin Powell speaks about rebuilding the family and investing time into today's youth. (from CNN's "Black In America 2")

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