Video: The Round Table Show Interviews NJ Hip-Hop Legends, Naughty By Nature

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As always, we're on the look out here at for dope radio show content from all over the world.

We ran into this dope interview from some of our radio peoples in NYC over at The Roundtable Show (props to Lenny S, Maya the B & Big Lite for putting together a quality radio show that gets the Stamp of Approval) of Hip-Hop legends Naughty By Nature.

A lot of pretty interesting information and insights are dropped by MCs Treach & Vinnie, so definitely check the videos below when you have the chance!

Naughty By Nature Interview Part 1:

Naughty by Nature - Hip Hop icons came through to discuss their past, present and future! They talked about being "the New Style" before taking the name "Naughty by Nature"and their strategy of success to move the Naughty by Nature movement with promotional items & distinct imaging.

"If you weren't from New York back in the day you couldn't pick up the mic without getting bumb rushed," Vin Rock talking about the challenge of being a New Jersey rap group.

Naughty By Nature Interview Part 2:

Treach and Vin Rock talk about touring back in the day and what their life on the road is like now. They also give us the history of how the term "O.P.P." came into existence.

Naughty recalls their relationship with Tupac and tells us about some of their first memories together.

Naughty By Nature Interview Part 3:

In this segment we talk to Treach about his full frontal scene in his movie Love and a Bullet. "If my schlong was oriental his name would be 'Hung Lo'" - Treach says.

Naughty also talks about the difference in groupie love from now and in their Hay Day. Tribe Called Treach- a reality show coming soon! "it's very ghetto, it's not boujie." - Treach

A little bit of handpicked past & present Naughty By Nature Music Videos are below for folks to check out...enjoy!

Bonus Music Video #1: Naughty By Nature - Get To Know Me Better Intro (from upcoming 2009 release on Illtown Records)

Naughty By Nature - Get To Know Me Better mp3 Download

Bonus Music Video #2: Naughty By Nature feat. Tupac - Uptown Anthem

Bonus Music Video #3: Naughty By Nature - Everything's Gonna Be Alright (at 2009 VH1 Hip Hop Honors @ B.B. Kings, NYC)

Bonus Music Video #4: Naughty By Nature - Hip-Hop Hooray (Live - 1993 Video Music Awards)

Bonus Music Video #5: Naughty By Nature - Dirt All By My Lonely (Live - 2008)

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