Music: A-Alikes - The Hustler and the Hunted Part 3 (Pirate Radio) Preview Mixed by DJ Victorious

What's good this Monday Morning and FuseBox Radio Broadcast Peoples!

Hip-Hop MCs K & Ness have been on the grind for the past few years as the A-Alikes through their various independent album releases & collaborations), as Source Magazine Unsigned Hype graduates and their powerful People's Army/R.B.G.'z affiliation (which include folks such as and M1 of dead prez) promoting pro-Black Revolutionary music vibes.

I know sometimes for some this means a possible musical snooze fest (not every group can be a Public Enemy after all in balancing both dope music, a human touch and great rhymes & songwriting), but the A-Alikes are solid musicians as well as message bringers.

Check out the full preview of the The Hustler and the Hunted Part 3 (Pirate Radio) album, mixed by DJ Victorious, and let us know what you think of both the music and the message - whether folks agree with everything said or not by K & Ness, artistic expression has to be respected in what the A-Alikes hae to say, especially in this era of what's put out as Rap Music.

** NOTE: This is NOT a radio edited/clean version preview. **

The Hustler and the Hunted Part 3 (Pirate Radio) - Mixed by DJ Victorious
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1. HH3 Intro
2. Explode (produced by DJ Butta)
3. Since 9/11 (produced by Hedrush/Tahir)
4. Fuckin' Wit U (produced by Peoples)
5. How Do We Go On (produced by Chek Mate)
6. A Black Verse From SWR Track
7. Divide and Conquer
8. Do Your Time
9. Currency (produced by Metaphysics)
10. Celebrate Life feat. Afayah (produced by HedRush/Tahir)
11. DJ Victorious and Zaraki Pirate Radio Interlude
12. If I Should Die (produced by Peoples)
13. HH3 Pirate Radio Call In
14. Treeman Part 2 feat. Raye 6
15. Difference A Day Makes (produced by Jay Won)
16. We Everywhere
17. Heartbeat of the Streets (produced by DJ Butta)
18. A.R.T. (All Real Things) (produced by Kanye West)
19. Winner Never Quits (produced Jay Won)
20. RBG Salute feat. DJ Victorious
21. The Sheep and the Shepherd
22. U Next
23. Sirens in the Distance feat. Mos Def
24. Death of the Industry
25. We Gon Miss U MIKE
26. Last Election

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