Music: J.Period & K'Naan - The Messengers (Episode 1: Fela Kuti)

Good Wednesday Morning and FuseBox Radio Broadcast Peoples! :)

What I'm hitting heads up with today is a fantastic tribute music project by producer/DJ J. Period & independent/on the rise Hip-Hop MC K'naan - just been slow on posting it up.

They both teamed up together to do the "The Messengers" remix project based on the music, cultural impact and messages of 3 modern day music artists: Fela Kuti, Bob Marley & Bob Dylan.

Part 1 of "The Messengers" is based on the work of Nigerian activist and AfroBeat Music (a mix of Soul, Funk and African Rhythms) pioneer Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

Check out the free download of J.Period & K'Naan - The Messengers (Episode 1: Fela Kuti) and let us know what you think!

J.Period & K'Naan - The Messengers (Episode 1: Fela Kuti)
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1. Introduction to Fela Kuti
2. Let’s Start (Messengers Remix)
3. Let Me Introduce Me (Messengers Remix)
4. Messengers & Prophets (Interludes)
5. Ololufe Mi (Messengers Remix)
6. Who is Fela (Interlude)
7. Got My Dream (Messengers Remix)
8. The Story Of Fela (Open & Close)
9. Gentleman (Messengers Remix) (Ft. Bajah)
10. Perceptions Of Africa (Interlude)
11. Africa (Messengers Remix)
12. Africa Unite (Outro)

Bonus Music Video #1: Fela Kuti - Teacher Don't Teach Me No Nonsense

Bonus Music Video #2: Fela Kuti In Concert Part 1 & 2

Bonus Music Video #3: K'Naan - Somalia

Bonus Music Video #4: J. Period Interview

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