Music: No More Pop

What's the good word on this "Columbus Didn't Really Discover Anything" Day a.k.a Monday to our Electro & House music vibe & FuseBox Radio Broadcast lovers! :)

Today we have some more mixes from the No More Pop music crew.

What the No More Pop music folks specialize in, which according to their website is:

electric sound time travel machine for nostalgics
and hipsters, future classics, modern insanity and old grooves.
every month, a new selection of pearls for your musical necklace

The latest music mix (done by Neo Filigrante) runs a little over an hour long with grooves for the people - give it a listen & cop the free download below when you can.

Hope you enjoy it - let us know what you think! :)

No More Pop |8| with Neo Filigrante - Asciimation

Show Description:

Do you know Ascii?
those little electronic character symbols rule
our preset information world

when we use our mobile message system,
when we write an email,
they are there and make sure that the other persons
get what we want them to get

but be aware, as small as they are, their power goes far

Download Link (right click and "save as")


1. Neuronium - Fullness (1983)
2. Phreak Plus One - Skyline
3. Catnip - Romance is the Panther
4. Reggie The Movemaker - Get Your Money Man (1987)
5. Neo Filigrante - The Astro Disco (Dissident)
6. Dompteur Mooner - Le Coq Rouge
7. Amplified Orchestra - Dark Raider
8. Cappuccino - Hell Dance With Me (Neo Filigrante´s Post Modern Disco Edit)
9. Tevo Howard - Energia (Boogiedisco Mix)
10. Nami_Shimada - Sunshower (Instrumental)
11. Big Ben Tribe - Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights (Instrumental 1984)
12. Neuronium - Decision (1983)

No More Pop Official Website