Music: Thad Reid

The past few weeks catching up on music to post up in the and/or play on the FuseBox Radio Broadcast from our e-mail boxes (which in between a 9 to 5, the radio show, the overall biz and attempting to have somewhat of what people call "a life", even I'm not on the computer 24-7-365) has unearthed a lot of great music releases all over the internet's music highway.

We've played various music joints from Virginia's own independent Hip-Hop MC Thad Reid (aka "The Voice of the Commonwealth") on the radio show and when I first got this EP from him as week, I've meaning to post it up and share it with folks.

Thad Reid is definitely about his business in putting out proper & dope music, matching his straight ahead yet passionate flow to whatever subject he's rhyming about.

To me personally his vibe is a return to the dope "average guy" MC vibe - you can identify with what he's talking about - whether something with the ladies, political things, just being nice on the mic or what's going down around the way - but the music keeps you on lock and interested.

Check out a sample of Thad Reid's style from the free download of his latest EP, Paid Time Off, and some of his live video below. If you dig everything, find a way to support the brother (attending/booking shows, copping more of his music, spreading the word, etc.).

Let us know what you think - hope you dig it! :)

Thad Reid: Paid Time Off (The EP)
Download Link


1. Dot N Dash feat. Sketch *
2. The Reason *
3. Something New
4. Cruzin' feat. Akshan
5. Payday feat. Range *
6. Suffer Too
7. Free Before 11 *
8. Look My Way feat. Akshan
9. Life Soldiers feat. K-Beta & Flip *

* personal favorite tracks

Bonus Music Video #1: Thad Reid - They Don't Like Me + The Naked Truth (Live)

LIVE - They Don't Like Me + Naked Truth

For the People | MySpace Music Videos

Bonus Music Video #2: Thad Reid - Functional Addict(Live)

LIVE - Functional Addict

For the People | MySpace Music Videos

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