Video Game: BCFx (Black College Football - The Xperience:)- The Doug Williams Edition

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Besides the fact that I still have a bit of a tomboy side in me in regards to video games, Black College Football Xperience: The Doug Williams Edition captured my attention for a few reasons...

As a daughter, niece, cousin and friend of folks who attended HBCU's (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) here in the United States, I thought it was interesting and pretty cool that Nerjyzed Entertainment was making a video game representation of the HCBU Football experience.

Some folks may ask why such a game would even need to be made with the plethora of sports games out now or even at all.

As the first African-American owned development studio to receive Gold Certification for the Xbox 360 from Microsoft to make video games (a major technology accomplishment), the owner had a concern about Black American images in video games in general and in her own way, wanted to make a positive impact:
Whether you are a fan of video games or not, chances are your children or young people you know play them. Unfortunately, the prevailing imagery of African-Americans in the majority of video games on the shelves today does not promote positive images nor does it educate.

In fact, the disturbing images of violence and other criminal activities have a lasting impression and sometimes a negative impact on the gamer who’s playing them. As Chairwoman and CEO of Nerjyzed Entertainment, Inc., I am committed to developing games where positive images and experiences of the African-American community prevail.

Together we can show the video game industry that we are worthy of games that teach and communicate positive messages and images reflecting the African-American culture.

- Jacqueline Beauchamp, Chairwoman and CEO, Nerjyzed Entertainment, Inc.
In terms of importance and impact in the mainstream/professional sports world, Black players in football and their original foundation in the HBCU sports community (especially with the NCAA not accepting HBCU teams until the 1970s) can't be denied.

Also for real, the game just looks like it would be fun and pretty cool to play, which is what matters overall to the vast majority of us who play these things in the first place. :)

Check out the video game preview below, if you're around one of these stores that have a demo copy, give it a play and if you like it as a sports fan, support and cop BCFx - The Doug Williams Edition when you can. It's now out for the XBox 360 video game system and at major stores and websites everywhere.

We know at the end of the day, money talks - let people know you want more different types of balanced entertainment by spending that $ on quality!

Video: BCFx - The Doug Williams Edition Video Game Preview

BCFx - The Doug Williams Edition Official Video Game Website