Happy Thanksgiving 2009 from the BlackRadioIsBack.com and FuseBox Radio Broadcast Family!

Happy Thanksgiving here in the U.S. this 2009 (the day to be thankful for what you have, not that B.S. that gives props to the Pilgrims for being part of U.S. colonialism march which wiped out a lot of our Native American brother and sisters, set the stage for African Slavery and whatnot...f*** that) from the BlackRadioIsBack.com and FuseBox Radio Broadcast Family to all of the folks who have supported us and we are thankful to have in our corner:

* family (of course)

* friends (true friends are who essentially are family anyway)

* all of our readers and listeners who have been supporting the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast since 1998 and beyond and/or starting to read this site from it's beginnings over 2 years ago

* all of the folks who continue to make great Black Music of all genres for us to give props to and enjoy

* our forefathers in both the Black Media and Independent Media spectrum from all over the world who encourage us in our mission

* fellow bloggers, DJs and radio shows who have helped us grow with great advice, articles, music and other good things

* those who have been gracious in extending great building on business and other good stuff with us

* "haters" (would like to think of a better term that's not so cliche and whatnot but can't right now, too early in the morning) either who keep us on our toes or are so corny, it's easy to avoid them that spur folks to be even more successful

* EVERYONE I can't think of at the present who are great supporters :)

Enjoy your weekend - I'm going to try and sleep before get ready to swipe a piece of Mama Fusion's Sweet Potato Pie and other cooked goodies (turkey, nan ham for me)...Peace!