Video: The Round Table Show Interviews NY Hip-Hop Legend Cormega

What's the good word everyone this 2nd week into the New Year of 2010! :)

As always, we're on the look out here at for dope radio show & musicial content from all over the world to post up when we can and luckily, ran into this dope interview from some of our radio peoples in NYC over at The Roundtable Show (props to our peoples Lenny S, Maya the B & Big Lite) of Hip-Hop MC legend Cormega.

Some pretty interesting information, words and insights are dropped by Cormega in this joint as well as a pretty sweet freestyle, so definitely check the videos below to see what's up when you have the chance!

Cormega Interview Part 1:

Cormega talks about his $250k and how he never thought he was going to be kicked out the firm. He also says how his verse was "erased" off the "La Familia" track.

Mega continues to discuss his relationship with Nas. He also gives his opinion on the Nas v. Jay-Z battle. (Direct Video Link)

Cormega Interview Part 2:

Cormega talks about how his street side makes him weary of fans because he forgets that he's a rapper when he's out and about!

Mega tells us about his new album and talks about how he's handling his own promotion and distribution this time around. PLUS FREESTYLE!!! (Direct Video Link)

Bonus Music Video #1: Cormega feat. Large Professor - The Come Up

Bonus Music Video #2: Cormega & Lord Finesse Hot 97 Freestyle Session

Bonus Music Video #3: Cormega - The True Meaning (Uncut) Version

Bonus Music Video #4: Cormega - Journey

Bonus Music Video #5: Cormega Performing "Affirmative Action" Live (2008)

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