Music: The Going Way Back Show With Money B (2 for 1)

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I'm in a blogging mode today, so I have another dope Black Radio show's episodes to tag y'all up with I feel that represents the real...

Golden Era MC Money-B (best known as a part of the classic Hip-Hop groups Raw Fusion and Digital Underground) has been hosting the dope radio show, "The Going Way Back Show" via internet radio powerhouse for the about the past year, which has a focus on old school Hip-Hop & R&B music and interviews.

Give the latest 2 shows a listen & download the joint onto your mp3 player, computer, etc. whenever you get the chance - hope you enjoy the mix! :)

The Going Way Back Show with Money B - Episode 65
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1. Intro - Money B
2. Throw Ya Hands Up - 8-Ball & MJG feat. Outkast
3. My Girl - Joeski Love
4. Just A Friendly Game of Baseball - Main Source
5. 41 Fivin' - 415
6. Break #2 - Money B
7. Biz Markie & Big Daddy Kane At Masonic Temple 1986
8. N****z in Trouble - B.G. feat. Lil' Wayne & Juvenile
9. Think About It - Special Ed
10. Microphone Feind - Eric B. & Rakim
11. Break #3 - Money B
12. Old Shool New News - Ton Teezy
13. It Ain't My Fault - Silkk The Shocker feat. Mystikal
14. Let Me Show You - Chill Rob G
15. V.S.O.P. - Above The Law
16. Throw Your Hands In The Air - Raw Fusion
17. Nobody On Dry Land - Jayo Felony
18. Outro - Money B

The Going Way Back Show with Money B - Guest: Baby D of J.J. Fad
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Show Description:

J.J. Fad was the first female Hip-Hop act to go platinum and the fist to be nominated for a Grammy. Original group member Baby D stops by and talks about her relationship with Tamika Wright & Ruthless Records as well as what the girls are doing today.


1. Intro - Money B
2. Rock The Bells (Original Version) - LL Cool J
3. Batteram - Toddy Tee
4. My Posse - C.I.A.
5. Something To Dance To - N.W.A.
6. Pimpin' Ain't Easy - Big Daddy Kane feat. Nice & SMooth, Scoob Lover & Ant Live
7. Supersonic - J.J. Fad
8. Baby D Interview Part 1
9. My Dope Intro - J.J. Fad
10. Old School New News - Ton Teezy
11. Baby D Interview Part 2
12. We Want Eazy - Eazy-E
13. Baby D Interview Part 3
14. Skeezer - Roxanne Shante
15. It's Going Down - J.J. Fad
16. Baby D Interview Part 4
17. Time Tah Get Stupid - J.J. Fad
18. Outro - Money B

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