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What's the good word to our and FuseBox Radio Broadcast crew (after what's been a bit of a long hiatus in putting stuff on the site...has been insanely busy over here) :)

We're now our official 30th week of working with the fine folks over at the Planet Ill website in doing the Indiesent Exposure weekly writeup & free music downloads column, where the purpose is to give some deserved props to various independent music artists from all types of different genres (Hip-Hop, Soul, Electronica, Rock, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, etc. - ALL Over the Place).

Here are all of the current articles from the series & the music artists covered in each of the articles...

Please check them out when you have the chance and leave some comments on the site on how you feel about the music artists and TONS of FREE downloads that are being offered!

Indiesent Exposure #1: K’Naan, Brittany Bosco, Phil Ade, Roy Davis Jr. & Nickodemus

Indiesent Exposure #2: Gods’Illa, Kid Koala, Noiseaux, David E. Beats & Ancient Astronauts

Indiesent Exposure #3: Jay-Z's BP3 Remixed Already, Shinobi Ninja & Jarren Benton

Indiesent Exposure #4: N’Dambi, Shafia Husayn, The Angel, Brownout & Wax Tailor

Indiesent Exposure #5: Whole Lotta Tasty Treats! (Tommy Tee, Blitz The Ambassador, Deuce Poppi, Tone Trump, theBreax & "Return of Real Black Radio Vol. 4" Mixtape Download)

Indiesent Exposure #6: The Noisettes, Activator & Ra The MC

Indiesent Exposure #7: Jully Black, Aych, Fat Daddy’s Drop, Dynasty & Whitefolkz

Indiesent Exposure #8: AfroPunk Compilation Vol.2, Chaundon, Soul Majestic, Brokn.Englsh & Shalonda

Indiesent Exposure #9: Rita J, theDollDaze & Amanda Ray

Indiesent Exposure #10: Tommy T, The Very Best & R.E.U.B.

Indiesent Exposure #11: Nneka, Dynas, Res & Federico Aubele

Indiesent Exposure #12: Dukes of Daville, Ras Kass & Elucid

Indiesent Exposure #13: Breez Evaflowin, DJ Devastate, Sabatta & Blue Raspberry

Indiesent Exposure #14 : King Britt, Nicolay & DJ Bless

Indiesent Exposure #15: Indiesent Exposure 2009 Hip-Hop Viewpoint & Wrap Up: Indie Hip-Hop Music Is Having One Of The Best Times Ever…And Can Continue to Have It That Way If The Cards Are Played Right (And A Regular Old “Best/Worst/Info of 2009 Lists)

Indiesent Exposure #16 (NEW!): California Kings & Diwon

Indiesent Exposure #17 (NEW!): Salvador Santana, St. Joe Louis & Kokolo

Indiesent Exposure #18 (NEW!): Raheem DeVaughn, Dwele, Urb Alt Compilation & Turntable Science

Indiesent Exposure #19: Hey Champ! & Adrian Champion

Indiesent Exposure #20: JUDAH & Dub MD, Adult Swim ATL RMX LP & Nsango Malamu

Indiesent Exposure #21: Oddisee & Georg Levin

Indiesent Exposure #22: FKi & Graph Nobel

Indiesent Exposure #23: Donwill of Tanya Morgan & Cubic Zirconia

Indiesent Exposure #24: Boog Brown & Natty Nation

Indiesent Exposure #25: Johnny Polygon, Smerins Anti-Social Club & Bomani Armah

Indeisent Exposure #26: THEESatisfaction, Ty & Rahel

Indiesent Exposure #27 (NEW!): Dumbfounded, Wynton Marsalias & J-Boogie


Indiesent Exposure #28 (NEW!): Alpha Females (Lady Hip-Hop MCs The Major Record Labels Are STILL Sleeping On) Compilation Volume 1

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The Syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast, and Prsents:
Indiesent Exposure: Alpha Females (Lady Hip-Hop MCs The Major Record Labels Are STILL Sleeping On) Compilation Volume 1 Tracks:

  1. AD The General – Who I Be (N.A.N., N.A.N., N.A.N.)
  2. Bahamadia – Commonwealth (Cheap Chicks)
  3. Boog Brown feat. Stahhr & Mojo Swagger – Grind Season RMX
  4. Charli Baltimore feat. DJ Premier – Everybody Wanna Know
  5. Charli Baltimore feat. Ghostface Killah – Stand Up Feat. Ghostface
  6. Crew Grrl Order feat. MC Lyte – All Bets Off (clean – SlamJamz Records)
  7. Cubic Zirconia – Josephine
  8. De La Soul feat. Queen Latifah – Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children
  9. Emperess – Outside The Box
  10. Eternia feat. Ness Lee & Poodie The Byz – Do This Like Me
  11. Fiona Simone – Fierce
  12. Fiona Simone – Keep It Moving
  13. Green Tea – Get Off That Road
  14. Hedonis Da Amazon – Speaking My Mind
  15. Hop Da Great feat. Quintescence – They Say U Nice
  16. J. Ross Parrelli – Hey There Sister
  17. Jay Mills – Winter Sadness
  18. Jean Grae – The Jam
  19. Kwan Lee feat. Mala Reignz, Miss Michelle & Elus – Livin’ Our Dream
  20. Madam Madon – Benning Rd Bomber
  21. Mala Reignz feat. Chino Moy – Secret Surveillance
  22. MC Lyte – I Am Woman
  23. Mia X feat. Mystikal – Who Got The Clout
  24. Monie Love – Pups Lickin Bone
  25. Nikki Lynette – Loveless
  26. Nonchalant – 5 O’Clock (DJ Heart Attack Remix)
  27. Princess of Controversy – Why Not Today
  28. Queen Latifah – Five on the Black Hand Side
  29. Queen YoNasDa – So Special
  30. RA The MC feat. Pro’Verb – Lost Ones
  31. Rita J – Inspiration
  32. Salt-N-Pepa – Chick On The Side RMX
  33. Skyzoo feat. Mickey Factz & Nina B – Hit Me
  34. Stacey Epps – Floatin’
  35. Tiye Phoenix – Killin Everybody

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