FuseBox Radio Broadcast + Oh Hell Nawl (OHN!) = New Music Tuesday Album Review of Rick Ross' "Mastermind" LP

My dope OHN Staff Pic as created by Slaus Caldwell - DJ Fusion

Hey there from your folk DJ Fusion this Saturday Afternoon from my current area of the globe!

The FuseBox Radio Broadcast/BlackRadioIsBack.com collective has been working with the fantastic OHN (O Hell Nawl!) music writing staff for the past few years with dropping album reviews of various mainstream and independent Hip-Hop & Soul Music albums.

The latest album review I've written for OHN is the kinda...sorta...maybe anticipated sixth official LP release by Hip-Hop MC/Chocolate Scarface of Rap Rick Ross, "Mastermind".

Click the link to see how I felt about the album (which...varies a lot) and of course visit our friends at O Hell Nawl! for all sorts of great content - read up, comment, support and enjoy!