FuseBox Radio Business Shoutout: ScoreBig

Good Morning FuseBox Radio Broadcast and BlackRadioIsBack.com family!

I don't really tend to do a lot of shoutouts to businesses, but I had to give a huge one to ScoreBig.

There are a lot of sites that sell tickets for various events (sports, music, plays and more) that tend to be either kind of sketchy or have you barely save any money after a lot of tacked on fees post bidding, especially if you're trying to get some at the last minute.

When I went to ScoreBig's site to try to get some good seats for an upcoming D.C. United match, it was a pleasant surprise to see how easy it was to check out the available seating areas via the arena map for RFK Stadium on display and the price comparison portion which showed the regular prices for the tickets in my chosen area so that I could properly prepare my offer for 2 tickets.

I got an instant "yes or no" answer to my bid and was able to get some really great tickets that pretty much wouldn't have happened if I had to pay for them at face value (which are pretty much right on the field). 

And also, there were literally NO extra fees (processing, ticket printing, delivery, "just because" stuff no one really understands that makes your tickets magically get an extra $20 - 30 attached to them, etc.) I had to pay - just what I bid and that was it to get my eTickets for a great game.

It's pretty rare - sadly - to have a business be just exactly what it says it is as of late in the modern day business world.  

So ScoreBig deserves a big shoutout for actually providing some real savings for purchasing through them and a try from folks who want to get some good tickets for various events in their area.  Check 'em out!

ScoreBig: http://www.ScoreBig.com
ScoreBig Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ScoreBig 
ScoreBig Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ScoreBig