Hearts Comics: Is Marvel Dropping A Lot of Epic Series in 2015 or Straight Trolling?

Being a comic book lover since I was about 8 years old, I was always a more of Marvel girl when it came to my action superheros (later on, I got into Milestone Comics, Image, Dark Horse, some of D.C. - since Batman is everything, etc.).

Being in my 30s, I remember various big "event" comics as a teenager going down (in particular as an avid X-Men reader was "The Age of Apocalypse") and reading trade paperbacks of other ones before my time.  

Now that times have changed and "comic book nerd" is at the bare minimum being looked at as a valuable commodity (especially with the plethora of movies & TV shows based off of comics) or a best as being *gasp* normal and awesome, it looks like Marvel is either supremely trolling us comics fans with these teaser images about their 2015 storylines or will actually be dropping remixed sequels, gritty reboots and/or one offs to their older event comics for the new generation of readers from "Secret Wars" (arguably the 1st big "event" comics thread that changed up various parts of the Marvel Universe of characters to "Old Man Logan" (which is going to be..."interesting" due to recent events with Wolverine).

We only got a few months to see what's going to happen in the new year and hope for the best, since [insert deity of choice here] there are more than enough meh crossover event comics in the world today. In the meantime, check out the official Marvel images below to try to figure out what's going to be good for our heroes and villains.