Randomness: Hell Hath No Fury, Like Evil Scorned DVD

I love how since characters like Tyler Perry have blown up in the mainstream (you get that Oprah spotlight, you might as well be able to purchase 300 thread count toilet paper with all of the money you're getting), the "lets put as many random Black Actors/Actresses/Singers as possible" mentality now seems to be the thing to do without folks even blinking an eye.

A prime example of that is described below from the press release:

Father Of Lies
CodeBlack Entertainment / Dan Garcia Films


Father of Lies is a classic story of good vs. evil. Bishop Calvin Jacobs (Clifton Powell) is a well-meaning pastor whose drive and passion raised the profile of his church through serving his the needs of the congregation. Fortune takes a sudden turn one day during a board meeting, in which it is discovered that the church's funds have been mysteriously depleted. With the church's existence in danger, he is forced to resort to desperate means to save his church community. He accepts a high-stakes loan from an international tycoon, who is involved in more than just normal business practices. Setting off a chain of events that involve international political scandal and even the death of one of the church's leaders, the Bishop calls on the higher power to rise above these struggles.

Vivica A. Fox
Clifton Powell
Veronica Berry
Clyde Jones

Genre: Thriller
Running Time: 1 Hour , 42 minutes
Rating: NR


I'm not mad at everyone trying to eat with this and at first impression, story line doesn't sound terribly bugged out (though if DMX is the international tycoon, I will be ready to fall out).

Long as this movie it's not as bad as hot a** mess Gang of Roses (what happens when keeping it real with Stacey Dash, Bobby Brown, Lil' Kim, Macy Gray and Lisa Raye in a Black western goes terribly wrong), then I will be peace with this.