Desperate Collabo - Lil Kim & 50 Cent: Wanna Lick (Magic Stick Part II)

All of the CD Covers Are A Bit of a Mess, So I Just Chose This One

This picture will always amuse me, it just screams, "I have professionally arched eyebrows because I'm Gangsta Like That...G-G-G-Unit!"

50 Cent didn't make his numbers on the Curtis LP and Lil' Kim needs to get some publicity back on the scene, so here goes the the collabo we've been sooooo eagerly anticipating for since the last one, “Wanna Lick (Magic Stick Part 2)".

* crickets *

I hope y'all know I'm being sarcastic.

Well anyway, here it is...what do you think? (shouts to for hitting me w/ the info earlier today)

What y'all think? Good in the club, the whip, trash bin status?