Old School Flashback Video of the Day: CeCe Peniston - Keep On Walkin'

Yes, I love 90s House Music....

I know this is more of an R&B track by CeCe Peniston, but its one of my favorite tracks as well...I was going to put on "We Got a Love Thang" but someone on YouTube was being wack and wouldn't let folks embedded it...some other time perhaps.

* has Video Soul Flashback with Donnie Simpson (early 1990s BET - Teen Summit era, Thea re-runs, Big Lez on Rap City, etc.) *

It's a good "tell off your man" song before Beyonce and "Irreplacable" took over the entire world and the crown for this in the 21st century.

CeCe Peniston - Keep On Walkin'

* dead * at the full body velvet/velveteen outfit in the video CeCe's wearing and the random belt and bangles placement & crusing in the convertable Chrysler in the 'hood *

Bonus Video: Crystal Waters - 100% Pure Love

This video is WAY stranger than I remember it, with random dudes o' zest voguing in the background in the studio and whatnot.

But folks can't front, this beat is still slamming today and will get me to act up - especially the breakdown at the end.

"back to middle, back to middle, back to the middle and 'round again"

* dances away *