Old Shool Flashback - Wu-Tang Clan WAAAY Back When...

Now that we have a new Wu-Tang Clan album on the horizon for this year, we have to look at the beginnings of the crew...no not Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (actually not my favorite Wu-Tang Clan album, as much as its hyped, personally I am a Wu-Tang Forever sort of lady), but that late 1980s/early 1990s action:

You see this joint and can't be mad at why RZA (Prince Rakeem) when the creative freedom kicked in went Wu-Tang Clan style hard as hell afterwards...this video is such a hot mess in multiple ways I can't even name them all:

Prince Rakeem (RZA)- Oooh We Love You Rakeem

* dead at "Ooooh, We Love You Rakeem" hook and this Homecoming King action in this video*

Bonus Wu-Tang before the Wu video: The Genius (GZA)
- Come Do Me

* no words at all for this at the moment *