BlackRadioIsBack Flashback Video of the Day: Lauryn Hill & D'Angelo

Besides recent side appearances on people's projects and random acts of craziness and/or looking like a mess on the news and gossip blogs, you don't hear much from these either Lauryn Hill or D'Angelo anymore. It seems like the Black Music industry has pretty much written them off as a lost cause, which is sad to see happen to folks with such true talent.

As a fan who can still rock the D'Angelo Brown Sugar album (the "How Does It Feel" video still ranks as some of the best eye candy joint for ladies and others who like men of all time) and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (honestly, I don't count the Unplugged album for Lauryn - while interesting on numerous fronts, it wasn't a good look overall) and not miss a beat.

Along with Maxwell and later Jill Scott, they did the "neo-soul" (which is really a stupid term - soul is soul, but that's another post maybe in the future) thing the best way - with skill, heart and not too damned pretentious and siddity.

I hope folks get their lives and whatnot together and if possible afterwards, release some more great music in the future.

If the biggest duet we can look forward to is a Bow Wow/Omarion album, then the new generation needs some help A.S.A.P.

This duet still brings that heat and the sexy vibe with both Lauryn and D'Angelo at the top of their games.

Lauryn Hill feat. D'Angelo- Nothing Even Matters

D'Angelo MySpace Page
Lauryn Hill MySpace Page

Bonus Video: D'Angelo - Lady RMX


Anonymous said...

lauryn hill is amazingly talented, not only musically but also in spiritual insight