Interesting News Links - Mega Edition

Missed a few days of posting news and other interesting reads on folks due to being a bit under the weather the past few days (schedule: take cold pill, sleep, watch tv, eat, try to do computer stuff, repeat), so here goes:

Hidden Costs 'Raise US War Price' - BBC

White House Ordered To Preserve Copies of All E-Mail Correspondence - New York Times

Prison Sentences for Federal Crack Cocaine Offenses Studied, May Possibly Be Reduced - MSNBC

Black Men’s Dropping Earnings - and White Women’s Gains - Help Create Income Disparity - Black America Web

ANOTHER Unjustified Police Shooting in NYC: Police Shoot, Kill Young Brooklyn Man Holding A Hairbrush - CNN

South Africa's Desmond Tutu Calls For Global Ban On Death Penalty Ahead of UN Vote - Yahoo

You Can Be Arrested for Being in a Project Hallway and Trespassing in NYC without Even Having The Police There (SMH) -

Black Agenda Interview With Jared Ball, Candidate for the Green Party's Presidential Nomination - Black Agenda Report

Victory for Ehren Watada: Solider Can't Be Court-Martialed Twice for Refusing to Serve in Iraq - The Nation

Racial Issues Reduced to the Small Screen for TV Audience Amusement? - Washington Post

Opinion: Black Like Him? Al Sharpton Doesn't Speak for All African-Americans. Not Even Close - NY Post

Investigation on the Cause of the Passing of Dr. Donda West, Kanye West's Mother, Continues; Statement Released - D-Listed

Whites Only Bathroom in Georgia? - 2 News

AverageBro Checks the NYC Court Docket and Makes Case on Why Some Hip-Hop Cats Sometimes Stay Losing on Their Own Accord - AverageBro

Shooting Star: Taking Aim at Remy Ma - Village Voice

Damon Wayans on The View, His Thing About the "N" Word - Oh Hell Nawl

What's really good with the Hollywood Writer's Strike? A Little Bit of Info - RADAR Online

Writers Block: A "Carefree" Era for D.C. Graffiti Taggers Ends - Washington City Paper

Interesting Interview with Lord Jamar - Wax Poetics

Widow Of Harlem OG Bumpy Johnson Calls Frank Lucas A "Flunky" -

Six (6) R&B Jams That Punch Harder Than Most Current Rap Songs - Oh Word

Lil' Wayne on XXL Cover in Triplicate: Make Your Own Judgement - Crunk + Disorderly

Darius "Eddie Winslow" McCrary & Superhead Babble Some More on Their Relationship - Rhymes With Snitch

Flavor of Love Girls Just Stay D-Listing It Out - Bossip