Contest: Ghostface "Big Doe Rehab" iPod Giveaway

Through the folks at The Room Service Group, and other fellow websites/blogs are going to have this competition along with Ghostface Killah for correspond with the release of his latest album, Big Doe Rehab (just dropped from Def Jam Records this Tuesday).

Check the picture up top – see the Ghostface banner above?

Here is how to enter the contest:

1) Take a picture of the circular tag on the banner.
2) Pix message it to
3) You’ll be entered to win a Touch Screen Apple iPod and other prizes!

Simple as that - nice and easy. The last day folks can enter in this contest is December 21, 2007, so definitely get to moving.

Best of luck to everyone who enters!

Feel free to check out our review and pictures of the Adult Swim Tour with Ghostface and Witchdoctor at Rutgers University in October while up on the site.

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