Interseting Links - Holiday Week Mega Edition

Rasta Santa Picture Appreciatively Jacked From The Blog, The Field Negro

New Jersey Law Will Make HIV Testing Part Of Routine Pre-Natal Care - Yahoo

VeriChip Approved for Human Implementation - GOOD Magazine

Egypt To Copyright Pyramids - AFP

What Is The Role In Radio For Democracy? Press for Freedom (BBC Radio News Series - Part 3 - all other parts linked on site) - BBC Radio

South Carolina: Inside the 'Black Primary' - The Nation

The Suffolk 5? Black Man Defends His Family From Lynch Mob, Going To Jail - AverageBro

Clinton Campaign Launches Obama Attack Web Sites For U.S. Presidential Bid - ABC News

Kin Battle Over Daughter's Life Support (Sad) - NY Daily News

Legendary Jazz Pianist Oscar Peterson Dies, Praised by Musicians and Notables Worldwide (R.I.P.) - Black America Web

Black Owned TV Stations Nearly Extinct - The Finall Call

Black Solidarity in the 21st Century - Original Thought Magazine

Commentary: Why Universities are Fundamentally Racist By Dr. Boyce Watkins - AfroSpear

Hot Zone War Documentary, Chapter Two: Somalia - Kevin Sites In The Hot Zone

Activist/Actress Vanessa Redgrave Helps Guantanamo Suspects By Paying Bail - The Daily Telegraph

Snitch of the Week: 12/2 - 12/8 (Mike Huckabee - Huffington Post) -

Zwarte Piet? D.I.S.B.S (Why's Santa Have to Have A Black Slave?) - Oh Hell Nawl

"The Vapors" Movie Casting News -

Jay-Z Leaves President Post at Def Jam -

XXL Breaks Down Why Everyone Hates Bow Wow - A Hot Mess

The 07' When The Checks Stop Coming In Award - Bossip

Lou Pearlman Situation with Black Folks: Raz-B of B2K Accuses Manager & Cousin Chris Stokes Of Child Molestation - Crunk + Disorderly

Stevie Wonder Concert Report Part 2 - The Assimilated Negro

Wu-Tang vs. Peanuts Diorama - Oh Word

How Not to Get Pregnant, A Primer for Hollywood - Fatback and Collards

White Folks Gossip #1: Jessica Simpson Is A Box-Office Superstar (Not) - D-Listed

White Folks Gossip #2: Britney Spears Mad At Jamie Lynn for Not Telling About Pregnancy and Getting Attention Now -

Christmas Spirit Story #1: Dead U.S. Man Stuns Friends With Christmas Cards 'From Heaven' - BBC

Christmas Spirit Story #2: Santa in G-String Arrested On DUI Charge - CNN

Christmas Spirit Story #3: NORAD and the Pentagon Can Track Santa Claus Via Satellite (But Can't Find Osama Bin Laden?) - Voice of America

Christmas Spirit Story #4: Bad Bad Santas - NY Post

Christmas Spirit Story #5: The Rise of Black Santa - Boughetto News